Forum Announcement: >>> Competitive Discussion Rules and Guidelines - **Must** Read Before Participating <<<
Please read this post in its entirety before choosing to participate in competitive discussion. It may seem like a lot, but including the information I have outlined here is absolutely vital to your success. We are not able to accurately rate teams or accept build submissions unless you follow these guidelines.

1. When to Use Each Prefix
2. Posting a Team
2.1. Great Team Write-Up Examples
2.2. Bad Team Write-Up Examples
3. How to Post Build Submissions
4. A Word About Constructive Criticism

1. When to Use Each Prefix
  • [Build Submission] - Used when you are submitting builds for a single Pokemon to be reviewed and added to our list of Competitive Pokemon Movesets
  • [Fun] - Used when you're not looking for any type of criticism or to be taken too seriously. Great for teams you use to mess around with friends or in non-competitive formats.
  • [Rate My Team] - Used when you have a complete team that you want constructive feedback on.
  • [Request] - Used when you need ideas on how to finish a team or any other competitive requests that don't fit the purpose of other prefixes.
  • [Team Report] - Used to showcase a team you used in tournaments or other competitive play.
2. Posting a Team
When posting a Rate My Team or asking for advice on a current team, it's important for you to include as much information as possible in your post in order for us to assist you to the best of our abilities. We have no idea what you were thinking when you put the team together, and your rationale will help us discern less obvious details, such as your EV spreads. When posting an RMT or assistance request, it is vital that you include the following information:
  • What format the team is meant to be played in - is it UU Singles? OU Doubles? VGC 16? Rotation battles? Unova Cup? The list goes on.
  • Why you chose the Pokemon that you did - we need to know your rationale so we can correct any malignant thought processes in team building or to understand why you think it's vital for the team
  • What each Pokemon brings to the team - what's their role? Why are they good for this particular team?
  • Why you chose the EV spread that you did
  • Offensive and defensive calculations for each Pokemon (especially if you have strange spreads), if possible
  • Replays from Pokemon Showdown or in-game featuring the team, if possible
  • Your win/loss ratio with the team and where you're playing it
  • Your preferred play style - hyper offense, stall, etc.
  • Which aspects of the team you are absolutely not willing to change, if applicable
This may seem like a lot of information, but it is all necessary to ensure the best feedback possible. It's frustrating to write up a novel of team suggestions for someone only to find out that it doesn't suit their play style or that they aren't willing to swap out two mons on the team, and it does nothing to help the OP.

If you are using Pokemon Showdown and unsure of how to import your team, check out this guide here.

2.1. Great Team Write-Up Examples
2.2. Bad Team Write-Up Examples
[Image: 29lzlh4.png]

3. How to Post Build Submissions

4. A Word About Constructive Criticism

"Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome."

When you post an RMT or ask for advice, you are automatically inviting others to provide you with constructive criticism. This may entail a laundry list of suggestions of what to change about your team, but please don't take it to heart. By no means are you expected to make every change suggested to you. Our members look at teams from a competitive standpoint and will look for flaws that you may not foresee until later down the road when you're in a tournament and it's too late to make changes. The end goal is always to help you improve, and, while they may not compliment your team as a whole, it doesn't mean it's bad. Things left unmentioned are things that are good!

In the same vein, though, remember that the end goal of constructive criticism is to help our members improve. There is nothing to gain by telling someone that their team "sucks" or that they need to "learn how to play." Instead of being harsh, tell them how they can improve. You don't have to lie and tell me that my Poliwag set in section 3.2 is awesome and will net me victories, but instead tell me why it's flawed and how I can improve it.

As always, please remember that each member you interact with here is a person. Try to treat others the way you would like to be treated. You have no idea what another person was thinking when they posted or what might be going on in their life. Maybe the RMT they posted is their very first Pokemon team that they've been too shy to post for weeks, or maybe they don't even play and are asking for advice for a friend who doesn't have access to a computer. You never know.

Please note that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in removal of your post or a formal warning. I guess you could get banned if you do something really terrible, too.