Forum Announcement: Giveaway Etiquette & Guidelines
Giveaway Etiquette and Guidelines
  • Please remember to give the kind hosts of giveaways rep for their services. Running a giveaway is an incredibly demanding service, so the least you can do to reward them for their efforts is give them +1 rep. You can rep a post by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the "Give Rep" button or by going to a user's profile and clicking "Rate" on the left hand side by the "Reputation" header.

  • Mind your Ps and Qs here. Giveaways are altruistic acts done by members of the community - they stand to get nothing for hosting giveaways. While you may issue them rep for their service, this has absolutely no real value on the forum. They don't gain any special privileges for having a high rep count and it's simply a record of their trustworthiness. Be courteous to the giveaway hosts and bear in mind that time zone differences exist and we don't all live and breathe the forum. Some of us have other responsibilities in real life, keep different hours, and may be overwhelmed with the amount of trades we have to fulfill. They will get to you when they have the time. Please don't harass users or get overly excited about them taking time to fulfill a giveaway request. To be honest, it's a giveaway - you aren't giving up anything by receiving a Pokemon from a giveaway, so you really aren't owed anything, if you want to be realistic here. A trade situation is different - you are giving something in return for something, so rules here are more hardline. If a user has to unexpectedly close a giveaway for any reason, be understanding. While it might seem simple in theory, running a giveaway is very demanding on many levels.

  • Note that members who choose to host giveaways are doing so out of complete kindness. They stand to gain nothing by giving away Pokemon for free, and, while it may seem like a simple task, running a giveaway is surprisingly demanding in many ways. Be respectful to users who are hosting giveaways. If you don't like what's being offered, simply move on. Do not harass giveaway hosts, ask for special requests on your behalf unless they are explicitly offered to you, or make demands of the hosts. Furthermore, don't be greedy. Making multiple accounts to participate in a giveaway is not permitted and will be handled at the discretion of a moderator.

  • We do allow the use of Powersaves and PKHex services on this site. Please do not harass users for offering these services if it is against your moral code. In the same vein, users have the right to ask giveaway hosts about the history of the Pokemon they are offering.

  • Pay attention to the date on the original post of a giveaway. If you find a giveaway that was posted two months ago, odds are, it's no longer opened. If you're not sure about a giveaway's status, try looking at the giveaway host's profile to see when they were last online. If you're still unsure, check the last few posts in the thread or PM the OP. Please try to avoid reviving dead giveaways because it causes confusion for users.

  • Giveaway hosts, if you suspect a participant is using multiple accounts to receive multiple Pokemon or has been disrespectful, feel free to PM me or the other global mods - @ChaseInfinity , @Eckley , @Rogue - and we will investigate. You are also encouraged to report poor conduct to us. Please back up any claims with proof - screenshots of PMs, posts, etc.