Forum Announcement: List of Known Scammers and Zero Tolerance
If you choose to scam within the Pokemon Forever community, you will be banned without question. This is considered an intolerable offense. The main goal of our community is to serve as a friendly resource where both casual and competitive players can come together and celebrate their passion for Pokemon. Our primary focus is on the experience that we share with one another, and we will thus enforce rules to encourage a safe, positive environment for our dedicated, trusted members. Scamming is never permitted, and there will never be an excuse for the behavior, no matter what your status within the community is.

If you have been scammed, please report the incident to a member of our administration/moderation team with supporting evidence and we will investigate accordingly.


Global Moderators

List of Known Scammers
  • Javuh - 1607-4214-4423
    • Also known as Jr soft
  • DeceivedLife - 0275-9882-1101 and 1736-2739-7050
    • Also known as: GiveAway, HonestTruthISLoved, Dongers521, dr.wholover, Worldwar231, Mr. Whiskers, DaneBane, RecklessAce
  • DATBOSSTHO - 2509-4732-4511
    • Also known as: Ethan, jojo1234