Forum Announcement: Rules and Guidelines
The Forum Rules
as of September 1, 2016

1. Treat all members of the forum with respect. While you are certainly allowed to have differing viewpoints of matters, please ensure all discussions are held in a respectful manner. Insulting other users, flaming members, brigading, and personal attacks will not be tolerated by the forum administration team.

2. Please be conscious of the language that you choose to use on the forum. Swearing is not outright censored here, but keep in mind that many of our users are very young. Use your best judgment. Unnecessarily foul language will result in punishment at the administration team's discretion. When it doubt, keep it clean! This goes for posting memes, images, macros, and other content as well.

3. Avoid double posting whenever possible. If there is something you forgot to mention in a post, simply click the "edit" button shown at the bottom of your post. If you accidentally submit the same post twice, simply use the "delete" button shown at the bottom of the post. Please do not repeatedly post spam to "bump" your own threads.

4. Spam is not permitted. This includes making several posts and/or topics in a row, posting multiple times with irrelevant content, and advertising unrelated links/products. These posts will be removed and are subject to penalty from a moderator.

5. In the same vein, we are limiting self-promotion to the Everything Else forum at this time. Please do not post your merchandise, content, etc. in other forums. We will allow links to official Nintendo news, merchandise, etc in the main forums. If you have a question about this, message an admin or moderator.

6. No illegal activity or hacking is permitted. This includes sharing torrents and illegal downloads, such as copyrighted material (ex: music or movies) or viruses. Device-assisted manipulation of Pokemon, such as Powersaves and Action Replay use, will be permitted here. We will also permit Pokegenning.

7. Pornography is not allowed in any form. Posting pornography will result in a permanent IP ban.

8. Do not claim artwork, writing, ideas, or other creative content as your own if you did not create it. You know if you have or have not produced a work on your own. If you do not know the original artist for something you are posting, that's fine, but don't state that you made it. In the same vein, if you found a tournament rule set online that you think is really cool, you can certainly share it here...but don't say you invented it. Use your judgment. Always link back to the original creator whenever possible. Your first offense will be result in a verbal warning. Any subsequent offenses are worthy of punishment determined by the collective mod team.

9. Abuse of the reputation system will not be allowed. Making alternate accounts to give yourself reputation is not permitted. The mod team is able to determine if this is being done, and we will ban alternate accounts and remove your reputation as punishment on the first offense. If you are caught doing this a second time, you will be banned indefinitely on your main account, no questions asked. There is a common misconception on the forum that high reputation attains Trusted User status - this is false. There are several factors that lead to the promotion of Trusted User status.

10. Creating multiple accounts to manipulate giveaways is not permitted. If you are caught with multiple accounts that are being used to milk giveaways, your alternate accounts will be banned and you will be punished at the discretion of a moderator or administrator.

11. Name change requests will be granted occasionally at the admin/mod team discretion. Please refrain from making frequent requests.

Moderation Team

@Agro - our global admin and site developer
@Justin - the infamous man in charge who makes Pokemon Forever possible
@ChaseInfinity and @Eckley - the global mod team

All punishment is at the discretion of the moderator/administrator in question. If you feel a moderator handled a situation unfairly, feel free to contact the admins or a member of the global mod team.

For more information about the forum, please check out our Welcome Thread, which includes many helpful hints and guidelines for new users.