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A Quick PSA About Hacking, Exploits, etc.
I've noticed a few comments around here lately in which posters state that they "will not accept hacked Pokemon," but state that cloned mons or Pokes who have had their IVs edited are "okay." I want to make it clear to everyone that cloning and using Powersaves is also considered hacking. While we do permit the use of PKHex, cloning, Powersaves, and other manipulation here, I'd like to remind everyone that it is against the official Pokemon TOS to do so. If you'd like to read the Pokemon TOS in its entirety, you can find it here.

Here is a tl;dr of a couple of things you may not do under the official TOS:
Quote:(iii) Use, or facilitate the use of, any unauthorized third-party software (e.g. bots, mods, hacks, and scripts) to modify or automate operation within the Service whether for yourself or for a third party.
Translation: PKHex and Powersaves are not allowed.

Quote:xii) Take any action to cause, or exploit, known or latent malfunctions, bugs or other defects in the Service or system used to operate the Service
Translation: using glitches in the game to clone Pokemon is not allowed.

I know what's coming next - "But naitre, all the competitive players hack! Everyone hacks! You even let people hack on the forum!"

I know.

"But naitre, if a hack is done right, you can't even tell that it's been hacked! The game can't even tell it's been hacked!"

I know.

"But naitre, you can only hack legal Pokemon anyway! You can't use Judgment Magikarp online or give your Pokemon more than 31 IVs!"

I know.

Just reminding everyone that it is technically not allowed. Carry on! Heart
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