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A guide to Sword and Shield (Curry Making)
Hello again, Newdll here! Yesterday I talked about adding more toys for your mons, and I'm back today to explain how to make perfect curry! It's rather simple once you get the hang of it, and this mini guide will explain how to do that!

[Image: Pokemon-Sword-Shield-Apple-Curry-camp-ca...rrydex.jpg]
The difference between Milcery level of cooking and Charizard level cooking starts with how you start. It doesn't matter what ingredients you use. (I've tried with everything from using all the same berries to only using a few, and my results stayed consistent.)
After picking your ingredients, you start by fanning the flames. I find it easier to take the joycon itself and wave it up and down fantically instead of mashing 'A'. I usually do this until the flames are massive and the sparkles start to appear in the steam of the curry. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, YOU CAN BURN THE CURRY IN THIS STAGE!! Once you've either found the right temperature (or if there's a black cloud of smoke above the smoke..) try to slow down the fanning to keep the flame consistent, or try to stop fanning for a second to let the flames calm down! A note: You know you're doinng good if the Pokemon surrounding the curry and watching you have a smile and a little yellow music note above their head(s). Another way to tell if you're buring it (besides the dark cloud of smoke above the pot) is when the pokemon look annoyed or disappointed with a black scribble over their head(s).
[Image: e52c6dfbe265f287ec5a0e0996cf836942e6269d...ess,format]
Once the flames are in a good spot, and the sparkles are still in the steam, the game will shift you into stirring. For this, I stop using the joycon itself and just use the right stick. As long as you dont stir too quickly, but fast enough so it doesn't burn, you've found a great pace. Do't be afraid to go fast, but try to avoid spilling over the edge. You'll know if you're doing it properly if there are sparkles still in the steam. If not, feel free to go a bit faster!!! (Or slower, if you're spilling over the edge.)

[Image: Heart_Into_Curry.jpg]
Once you're done with that, no dish is complete without adding a little love! The game now pulls you into the final portion of the mini game. This portion is also about timing, but when exactly is the right time? Well, common sense would tell us to try and aim it for the light-green portion of the circle once the yellow ring shrinks over it. You are absolutely correct!! I find it best to just press 'A' instead of trying to toss the remote.

Once you've added that love, it's time to see where your hard work landed you. Once the dishes appear on your screen, you can see if you got the highest score. The game will offer a small pinnk shimmer within the steam of your dish.
[Image: SWSH-Leek-Curry.jpg]
It's okay if you don't see the glimmer!
[Image: pokemon-sword-and-shield.png]
Once your character takes a bite of the dish, you can see a different background, and you and your mon munch down 3 x's faster than normal!! Once you've finished your meal, there's where you get your badge of rating! It's okay if you don't reach the max level right away! You can always try again! (You can't over-feed your Pokemon, I've tried.)
Now i have no excuse for making bad curries! Sniffles will definitely thank you for posting this lol
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

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