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[ANIME] The Best OST for an Anime (That I've Heard) {Re: Zero SPOILER WARNING}

I've seen my fair share of Anime as you do, and one of the first things I critique in Anime is the soundtrack. Music is an important part of making an Anime successful, along with animation it's what brings important scenes together to make it as immersive as possible. Whether it be a fight scene in Boku no Hero Academia or a touching scene between characters in Your Lie in April, music from Anime, when composed well, sticks with us and often renimds us of our favorite scenes in Anime. Today I'll share my thoughts in a sort of review of the OST for my all time favorite Anime; Re: Zero. I'll say it again, there ARE spoilers, take it from me, Re: Zero is worth watching unspoiled. There's 46 songs in Re: Zero, so I'll cover my 5 favorites from the series for today. 

5 - Rondo of Love and Darkness

​Rondo of Love and Darkness is first introduced during ​​​(I might be wrong)​​​​​ Episode 9 in which Subaru and Rem confront the Mabeast responsible for abducting the village's children. It is played in a scene which reveals Rem's Oni form, which she used to fight the Mabeasts. The song has an off-putting piano intro mixed in with violin and a wind Sound Effect, which is really fitting for the scene, the way the piano is used reminds me of the ED 1 Song from Vampire Knight, it's sort of like a music box. But then the chorus kicks in an oh boy is it good! The violin becomes the lead instrument, a bass line of a simple melody plays and topping it off is a really well orchestrated choir that sounds like chanting, giving it an unbelievably spine-tingling feel. It gives the ominous feeling of something dark and possibly evil lurking nearby which is exactly what Episode 9 does.
4 - Paradisium Paradoxum

Paradisium Paradoxum is the second OP for Re: Zero, and out of it and Redo, Paradisium Paradoxum is leagues ahead of Redo. It starts off with a choir / chant sequence that makes you think it will be yet another uneasy tone for the song, but then it just throws for a loop with a badass headbanger of a beat that's a mix of techno and rock music. It's a great song, it symbolizes some of what we know and foreshadows quite a bit of the Betelguese Arc. Not to mention MYTH & ROID (the composers + performers)'s vocalists are fantastic for this song.


I don't know how to describe this song other than to call it THE Re: Zero song. It is the first (and best) Re: Zero Credits theme. The piano is beautiful in this song, but the vocals are what make STYX HELIX so good. It accurately represents the entire Elsa Arc from Subaru's point of view. Example; "Oh please don't let me die, waiting for your touch." is a very obvious call to Subaru's involvement with, ugh *shudder* Emilia. Another being; "Waiting for a new day." referencing Return by Death and the begin of the Mabeast Arc. Don't take my word for it, even the community majorly agrees. Redo was uploaded on 372k sub Channel in March 2016 and now has over 5 Million views. STYX HELIX was uploaded on a 12k sub channel in May 2016 and now has over 10 MILLION views. People love this song and it's easy to see why.
2 - Requiem of Silence / Elegy for Rem

Ahh, Rem. Poor Rem. Episode 15 is the infamous heartbreaking episode that everyone cried at. Don't deny it, I know you cried too. Rem had died previously in the series but for those of us unspoiled, nothing would prepare us for Episode 15. The Credits theme for Episode 15 is truly the most powerfully emotional song in Re: Zero. A full orchestra of strings, piano and brass combine to make an emotional song so incredibly fitting of the scene. I seriously get chills any time I hear Requiem of Silence's chorus start. The deep violin chords introduce the interlude and build up slowly, leading to the powerful chorus of Brass and Violin. It's pacing is slow, as to be expected from such a setting, but the parts are used wonderfully in the episode. It's interlude begins as Rem, *sigh*, with her dying words, confesses to Subaru, and builds up as we see Subaru taking Rem to the Roswaal Mansion. A blizzard is stirring, not only to represent the "Cold Embrace of Death" but even likely to portray the chills you, the viewer, is likely to have felt listening to it. Easily one of the best songs of Re: Zero. It was my favorite, until I heard this...
1 - Episode 18 Insert Song - Wishing by Rem / Inori Minase 

Beautiful. Just, beautiful. Episode 15 may have hurt the community, but even that is nothing compared to Episode 18. Episode 18 is one of, if not the best episode of Re: Zero. In this episode Subaru finally comes to terms with the mistakes he's made and admits his fears and pain to Rem. Rem, being Rem, comforts him and gives literally the most heartfelt confession of love in recent anime. (I'd go as far to say it's the BEST confession in Anime buuuuuuut, y'know how people are) Wishing was written and sung by the amazing Inori Minase, the voice of Rem. Minase's performance is outstanding. It doesn't even seem like it was written by a real person, it literally feels like Rem herself wrote it. Wishing is teeming with Rem's character, from the obvious to the more obscure details, this IS Rem's theme. If there was ever any doubt previously, Episode 18 and Wishing cemented Rem as best girl of all anime ever to exist Re: Zero. Oh, I didn't even mention Episode 18 is a filler Episode. No seriously. A filler episode is one of the most memorable Episodes of Re: Zero.
Well, there's my list. If you watched Re: Zero, what songs did you enjoy? Also should I write a full review of Re: Zero? Albeit a little late, but still popular to cover.

In the meantime, enjoy the best sisters in Anime 


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