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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Announcing the Breeding Alliance!
The Breeding Alliance is meant to be an ever-growing group of trusted community members who are dedicated to breeding Pokemon in-game. Members of this group are adept in their abilities and work together to share their resources to expedite the breeding process. They have been granted a sub-forum within the trading forum where they can interact with one another safely and privately and store indexes of the breedables they have available to exchange with one another. Members of this group are able to set their own terms of their interactions - you can freely do whatever you want with your items and Pokemon here. Due to the fact that an application process is required to be accepted into the Breeding Alliance, scamming is not expected to occur. Only the most trusted community members will be allowed access based on moderator review. In the event that scamming does occur, you will be banned permanently.

It is implied that all Pokemon shared within this community are bred in-game and not hacked or manipulated in any way. At this time, use of a 6 IV Ditto will be permitted, but this decision may be overruled based on the Breeding Alliance's feelings regarding this matter. If you have used a 6 IV Ditto to breed one of your Pokemon that you are offering, please let this be known.

Being a member of the Breeding Alliance will also hold water outside of the sub-forum. Breeding Alliance members have a unique user group that notifies all forum users that they are a part of this group, proving their legitimacy in the forum. They will be regarded as trustworthy and legitimate when interacting in the trading and giveaway forums.

At this time, there are no hard criteria for being accepted into the Breeding Alliance. All individuals who are interested in joining will be reviewed holistically.

If you are interested in joining the Breeding Alliance, please contact @naitre, @Black117, or @ChaseInfinity with an explanation as to why you are interested in joining the Breeding Alliance. Please include your experience with breeding, a list of Pokemon communities you have participated in (if applicable), and proof of successful trades/giveaways you have completed if we do not have a record of any completed here on Pokemon Forever.

If you are interested in referring a member from inside or outside the Pokemon Forever community to this group, please let @naitre, @Black117, or @ChaseInfinity know their Pokemon Forever username!

We hope to see this resource grow into a legitimate trading community. If you have any input, as always, let us know!
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Sounds really cool! I'm not very adept when it comes to breeding since I just got into it, but I would like to eventually be admitted into this legendary team of breeders haha  Big Grin Tongue
Sounds like a cool concept Smile
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Ever since I've started breeding competitively in ORAS, I've had a blast doing so. It sure takes a while to breed a perfect Pokemon, but it gives me something to do when I'm bored. So, I'd love to join this alliance in hopes of interacting with other breeders. I know basically everything about breeding and EV training.
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I'd like to join the Breeding Alliance, I'll send my information. Big Grin
Also, this is a great idea Heart
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@naitre I don't know if I can be trusted, but I'd like to be a part of it.
Such a great idea!
Seems like a great oppurtunity for people that dont have any time to breed because of their personal lives
I'm not very adept at breeding but I will try. I've got a lot of time on my hands the next few months.

Out of curiosity, what's wrong with using a 6IV Ditto? I'll be using the one you guys gave me on your giveaway.

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