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[ART] My New Fan-art : The Brave Onyx _ Colors and Review - Mar 2018
Hello friends,this is my new Artwork About Pokémon, i call The Brave Onyx. Is not my first job but i am still learning  a lot. I Use Chalk and other simple materials.
I am fan of Pokémons Grass as you can see in my signature.
I hope you like,post your fan art too if you want,lets talk about best materials to artwork.
For me is interesant know more about this.
Here is the full fan-art step by step if is posible post, and the the sketch...


[Image: nwx2k0.png]

more one thing.. i cant upload a signature =/ how i can upload it?Thanks
@BerryHunter098 You cannot upload a signature until you become a Trusted Member.

Oh, and nice job on the art! I like Onix a lot.  Smile
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