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[BREEDJECTS] Own Tempo Rockruff for the Taking!
(May 22, 2018, 04:14 AM)Rescarnation Wrote:
(May 20, 2018, 10:22 PM)0kamii Wrote: @Rescarnation

Sorry for the late replies everyone, but it looks like all y'alls will need to redeposit. I think all four of you got sniped.

- 0kamii

Got it~! By the way, is it alright to request a female rockruff? If there are any available, so I could eventually breed and pay it forward!

IGN: Felicity
Level: 17
Pokéball: Dive Ball
Gender: Female

Even if the Rockruff is male, you should be able to breed it with Ditto to pass down Own Tempo. Once you manage to hatch a female, then you can switch out the ditto for something else in Rockruff's egg group.

Ditto can be easily caught either in Konikoni City during the Ditto Five side quest or on Ula'Ula Island's Mount Hokulani.

Also, just checked the GTS and my Finneon got sniped again, so here's the details for the new one.
IGN: Omkey
Level: 1
Pokeball: Net Ball
Gender: Male (got sniped yet again)
Gender: Female
Sniped as well, here's the new one --

IGN: Felicity
Level: 17
Pokeball: Dive Ball
Gender: Male

@Omkey: Aah that completely slipped my mind, thank you for letting me know!

Feel free to ignore my previous post then, @0kamii, any gender should be fine~! ❤

Oi, your Rockruff got sniped again. Redeposit once more, and if it happens a fourth time, I'll do a direct trade. Hopefully, we'll get it this time.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

IGN: Felicity
Level: 16
Pokeball: Dive Ball
Gender: Female
Well, I actually got lucky! That last Rockruff has Own Tempo, as well as Stone Edge and both fang moves! Appreciate you trying to do this anyway!
@Rescarnation Sent. Enjoy!  Big Grin
@Omkey I suppose it was going to happen eventually. Congrats, and good luck!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Good afternoon. Is there Own Tempo Rockruff available? If Yes, Let know me.
@Haren14 Yes. There are still Rockruff available. Would you like one?

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
IGN: Harendra
Level of Finneon:17
Poké Ball:Dive Ball
Gender: Female
@Haren14 I think it may have been sniped. Please redeposit.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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