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[BREEDJECTS] Shellder 5IV Hatchlings Trade Off
I have a steady stream of USA Shellder rejects with various random assortments of 5IV stats and unknown hidden abilities.

They're legit from wild-caught originals in Y, hatched in Y, trading from Y. This is my first giveaway/release so if I've missed something or could do something differently feel free to let me know.

I'm taking anything in trade, and I'm fine with gens, but please no illegal Pokemon. If anyone wants to be a hero I'm looking for high IV Abra, Ghastly, Charmander, Eevee, Dratini, or Ditto.
  • GTS or link trade available, rep appreciated. GTS sniped will be redone, and if you want to go through GTS I will need the following information:
Pokemon deposited: (Any)
Shellder: (#)
Message: "PKMNFRVR" 
  • If you want to link trade then please post here stating so and then hop on the Discord to message me directly. My Discord name is "Forker", I will do my best to respond promptly. If you are confused or can't find me then PM me your Discord handle and I will contact you.

—AVAILABLES 1/28/2018—
[Image: 3ujWOgj.png]
#1 Male - Bold + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#2 Male - Bold + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#3 Female - Impish + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#4 Male - Sassy + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#5 Male - Hasty + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#6 Male - Bashful + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#7 Female - Serious + Skill Link (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#8 Female - Naughty + Skill Link (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#9 Female - Impish + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

#10 Male - Modest + Shell Armour (Tackle/Protect/Leer) Lv1

Friend code: 0619-9357-3729
Mii name: Mark
IGN name: Mark

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