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[BREEDJECTS] Trading HA FastB/FriendB/BeastB Dratini
Game: Pokemon Sun/Moon:

What I have:
Dratini breedjects.
They all have HA.
They are either in Fast/Friend/Beast Balls.
Most of them have egg moves like Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Aqua Jet and Extreme speed. They might not have all the eggmoves listed but at least 2 of them.
Most are adamant but some are jolly.
Stats are not good but that's up to you to breed in the stats :-)

What I want:
Your HA breedjects. Preferably in an apricon/beast/sport/safari ball. I don't care about the stats or egg moves.

Just tired of getting yungoos and pikipeks in wondertrades
Hey, i'm interested in a HA friend ball Dratini, preferably with dragon dance and extreme speed but its fine without aswell :D
I can offer HA BB Poliwag or HA MB Rockruff

@PerchPond Poliwag would be great. So, when can you trade?
(Jul 19, 2017, 09:46 AM)Embla Wrote: @PerchPond Poliwag would be great. So, when can you trade?
I'll be online for the rest of the day, and we seem to be in a similar timezone so just let me know when you are ready and i'll add you and head to the plaza Smile

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