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[CLOSED] BR Exclusive Ultra Beast Giveaway
Pokémon wanted: Pheromosa @ Focus Sash
Pokémon deposited: Gumshoos
Level: 27
Gender: Male
IGN: Mario
Thank you Smile
@Fana - I think you got sniped! Just deposit another and post here when you have Smile
@Mikacho - sent
@ONESUNBEINGNOW thanks, you the mvp!

Why Not Zoidberg?
@stephenWITNESS Thank you once again!
Pokémon Wanted: Celesteela
IGN: Enrique
@Eugenio - sent
@Fana - I actually didn't send you a Buzzwole, I think someone else on the GTS did. I can't guarantee the one you did is BR so if you want another just request for a Buzzwole again.

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?

Pokemon wanted: Buzzwole

Pokemon: Gumshoos / WITNESS
Level: 30
Gender: Female
@Fana - sent (sorry about this, it, unfortunately, sometimes happens)

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?
Pokemon wanted: Pheromosa
IGN: Kaze

Thanks man!

Edit: Just recieved her, thanks again!
wanted: Celesteela
Pokémon: Gumshoos  
Level: 24
Gender: Female
I deposited a lvl 25 male gumshoos named witness its for kartana ign is hawkeye

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