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[CLOSED] Bottle Cap Giveaway!!! [Hacked/Cloned]
After my BP Items giveaway, I will be distributing Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps now! Many people mentioned that Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps are hard to obtain so I will be distributing them!!! Smile

If there are any items that you want me to distribute, leave it in the comments! Smile

NOTE: The Pokemons holding the items are hacked/cloned.

Bottle Caps are held by Lugia and Gold Bottle Caps are held by Ho-Oh. And they are set to level 5 to prevent sniping.

* 1) Deposit Emolga only requesting them and level-lock 1-10.
* 2) No Private Messages during or after the giveaway. These are considered as harassment and will be sent to the moderation team.
* 3) Don't be greedy. You are only allowed to receive 2 Bottle Caps and 2 Gold Bottle Caps.
* 4) No Reservations allowed, if you send me Private Messages for reservations, you will get ignored. And there is no reason for reservations because I will leave this giveaway open for a week.

I will be leaving this giveaway overnight, I will check for requests once every two days at 9~10PM GMT+8. For those who are wondering "Why Emolga?", it is because I am leaving it overnight and will take 20 hours to reply, it is to prevent it from getting buried or glitched in the GTS. Therefore, request only if there are no more giveaways you are going to participate.

To check if you got sniped:
* Lugia is Modest with 5IVs (0 in Atk) and Ho-Oh is Adamant with 6IVs
* Hilarious moves (Dragon Pulse on Lugia and Pluck on Ho-Oh), they are not Battle Ready.

EDIT: 3 Days have passed, everyone is now allowed to take 2 Gold Bottle Caps.
Gundam Fan
Hi! participating right away!

Deposited : Emolga Lv1 Female
Wanted : Lugia
IGN : Rainwald

Thank you very much!
@eisenaudi14 , sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
Thanks! and now for the Gold Cap! If I may

Deposited : Emolga Male LV.54
Wanted : Ho-Oh
IGN : Rainwald

Just noticed i also asked for Lucky Eggs from you lol, you're awesome!
Deposited : Emolga Lv53 MaleWanted : LugiaIGN : Albert  Thank you Smile
@eisenaudi14 , sent! Smile

Oh!!!! I have been spotted in GameFAQs. XD

@Yugimoto12 , sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
Deposited : Emolga Male LV.50Wanted : Ho-OhIGN : Albert 

Thanks again Smile
@Yugimoto12 , sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
Deposited : Emolga Lv1 Male
Wanted : Lugia
IGN : Will

Thanks in advance!
Deposited : Emolga Lv1 Male
Wanted : Lugia
IGN : Parth

Thank you very much!

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