Poll: do you want me to continue these generation shiny legendairies giveaways?
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2 5.41%
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[CLOSED] Gen 2 shiny legendairies giveaway
(Oct 8, 2017, 11:28 AM)Skulblaka01 Wrote: Name deposited oricorio: Oricorio
Oricorio color: (yellow, purple, pink, red)) Yellow
Gender: Female
IGN: (I don't know what an IGN is, but the ID number is 930788) 
Message: "Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance."
Pokemon requested: Ho-Oh
deposited : oricorio(yellow)
Pokemon requested:raikou
@movedota send and enjoy
@FirePixie203 IGN means in game name, so it's the name of your character and i do need it to know that i'm sending the pokemon to the right person.
Can I get one of each of these please?
@Tenebris_Kane sure, are you online right now
Yeah, I am here  Smile
@Tenebris_Kane oke i'm in festival plaza
Can I also get one of each, I can trade once you are done with Tenebris if you are able?
@Cmon04 sure, i'll send the request when we're done
@Tenebris_Kane enjoy

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