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[CLOSED] Legendary Pokemon Code Giveaway
While cleaning the mounds of paper on my desk, I found extra codes for the legendary giveaway. It's a first come, first serve.

1 Xerneas/Yveltal Code

1 Shiny Zygarde Codes

1 Thundurus/Tornadus Code
Xerneas please? Smile
may I get a Shiny Zygard code?
For which region are these codes good for?
are they USA codes?
I would love a shiny Zygarde if it is still available.
I have a Shiny Guard code I'd be willing to part with.
can i have shiny zygarde code please. thanks!
Would love a Shiny Zygarde code! If all of them are taken, a Thundurus code is cool as well Smile
@Pkmnlover the codes are indeed for the USA.

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