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[CLOSED] Llocin's Battle Tree All-Stars Part 3/3: Toxapex
I've been having some moderate success in Battle Tree Singles with a specific team and I want to share with anyone who's interested! This is the final giveaway in my Battle Tree Singles team series. This is the team I beat the inital Battle Tree Singles with and made it up to 46 consecutive wins in Super Singles. Number one in this series was Garchomp, the second Bewear, and finally T O X A P E X !

[Image: toxapex.gif]
Toxapex (F) @ Black Sludge
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Spe
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 100
Shiny: Yes
Bold Nature
- Toxic
- Scald
- Recover
- Haze

Love it or hate it, Toxapex is here to stay. With solid typing and moves, it's great in Battle Tree battles that leave my poor Garchomp and Bewear down for the count. Pit her against that annoying Rain Dish Leftovers Ludicolo. Toxic up Wally's Mega Altaria and settle in as the poison wins for you. Enemy trying to set up on you? Haze them back down! Toxapex is a great team member that can bring the strongest of foes to their knees!

My original Toxapex isn't shiny (I don't actually care about shiny Pokemon, weird I know), but when cloning it up I thought I'd end this series with a bang! Enjoy this pink and black harbinger of death!

This is for Sun\Moon only. In order to participate in this giveaway, deposit a Gastrodon in the GTS and request a level 91+ Toxapex. They can be found in a few places around Poni island ( if you don't have a spare lying around.

[Image: gastrodon-east.png]
Fill out the following form to let me know more about the Gastrodon you deposited:


Hey! Here's some info for my Gastrodon.

Gender: Female
Level: 42
IGN: Pokejack

Gender: Male
Level: 43
IGN: Bruno
(Jan 3, 2017, 07:30 PM)Llocin1151 Wrote: @TimeTwist 

thanks! rep up brother!
Pokemon deposited : Gastrodon
Gender:  Female
Level: 41
IGN: Matthew

Thanks in advance Smile
Deposited: Gastrodon
Lvl: 41
Gender: Male
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.

IGN: Neethan

Love this Battle Tree series, thanks a lot.
Pokemon deposited : Gastrodon
Gender:  Male
Level: 40
IGN: Will

Thanks in advance!
Gastrodon (Nicknamed: VRQJ )
Gender: Male
Level: 42
IGN: Cero

Thanks in advance! Smile
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