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[CLOSED] Lucky Eggs and Bottle Caps Giveaway [Hacked/Cloned]
I am back with all the item giveaways! Smile

Today, I am distributing Lucky Eggs and Bottle Caps! Smile
I am still considering of distributing Lucky Eggs, Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps~
I am also intending of distributing utility Pokemons such as Flame Body, SOS Chaining Pokemons Trevenant, but I need more ideas. If you have more ideas, leave it in the comments sections! Smile

Today, i will be distributing these items:
* Lucky Egg (held by Mewtwo)
* Bottle Cap (held by Lugia)
* Gold Bottle Cap (held by Ho-Oh)

Hacked Cloned Disclosure:
TID: 00000
All are from VC and are shiny with hidden abilities.

* Deposit a Granbull (Catch in Poni Island) into GTS requesting level 100 XXXXXXX and comment with your IGN, gender, Level of the Granbull. Smile
* No limits, you can take as many as you want! Smile
* If you have multiple games, you can request multiple at a time! Don't worry, I always clone more than enough! Smile
* No reservations as this giveaway lasts for a few days.
* No Private Messages because I never really read them.

And remember to check out the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel! Link:
I think some people knew that I helped with personal genning requests in the Discord Channel~
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IGN : PVDeposited  a Grabull female LV 59
Request: Lugia
@pvslc ,
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@gkh1997 Awesome giveaway!

Pokemon Requested: Mewtwo
Pokemon Deposited: Granbull
Gender of Deposited: Female
Level of Deposited: 58
Ball of Deposited: Ultra
Nickname of Deposited: Thanks
Message: I want to fill my Pokédex.
IGN: Black

You have no idea how those Lucky Eggs will be helpful to me! I've been struggling SOS chaining Blisseys in USUM for two weeks now now but I could only get three of them, 5% is so low, even with my Coumpoundeyes + Thief Butterfree... (By the way, an utility Pokemon giveaway is a great idea!)
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@Black Waterfall, sent~

Yeah, i am considering of SOS Chaining Exeggutor and Trevenant. I need more ideas though. :/
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@gkh1997 Awesome, thanks! Big Grin

What about synchronize Pokemon? They are so much more useful now with the ultra wormhole legendaries in USUM. Maybe a Mew with Skill Swap/Worry Seed, False Swipe, Trick, and Thunder Wave? Could be cool! With this set this Mew could be used not only to synchronize to a particular nature, but also to check for a particular ability (if necessary) and to catch the desired Pokemon.
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Hi could I have a lucky egg (mewtwo)?

male granbull
level 42
I’ve got a wonderful Smeargle that I use for catching shinies that I obtained from a giveaway. It works really well & Id love another it’s
Jolly technician @ leftovers with maxed out moves, false swipe, spore, feint attack & foresight & another Smeargle, adamant, technician @ leftovers with maxed out Fell stinger, soak, spore & false swipe

Trevenant sounds great btw
@Black Waterfall, thanks for the suggestions! Smile
But the biggest issue is that Mews cannot be traded through GTS. Sad

@Kipper , sent! Smile
Thanks for the suggestion! :Smile
I will include catcher Smeargle in my next giveaway! Smile
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@gkh1997 Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot about that!

What about Kadabra/Alakazam then? (I've been using those in my USUM.)
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