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[CLOSED] Shiny BR Tao Trio Giveaway
Thanks a ton
(May 10, 2017, 12:34 PM)stephenWITNESS Wrote: @Theobroco - sniped (just deposit another and make another request)
@MS21 - sniped (just deposit another and make another request)
@Racewish - sent
@Sujin - sent
@"HARIBOW" - sent

Enjoy Smile

I can still see it in the GTS but whatever, I'll just redeposit him (who would go through the trouble of trading a Zekrom for a Gumshoos for the sake of sniping lol)

WITNESS lvl 26 female Gumshoos

@Theobroco - sent

Enjoy Smile
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Hi, so after that one I won't ask for another one,

IGN: Koko
Deposited level 20 Gumshoos female
Requested Kyurem

Thanks for your amazing job Smile

Pokemon deposited : Gumshoos / WITNESS, lvl 20, male
IGN : Sujin
Pokemon wanted : Kyurem

Thank you
@Racewish - sent
@Sujin - sent

Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Thanks to everyone that participated! New giveaway coming this weekend!

Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

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