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[CLOSED] gen1 shiny legendaries giveaway
If you don't mind LT is preferred.

(Sep 4, 2017, 04:10 AM)Skulblaka01 Wrote: @"Anabel" sure just deposit a lillipup in the gts and i can send it or do you prefer link trade (i have the time for it Big Grin )
B a d C o p
@"Anabel" sure let me add you and we can trade
Ty Smile
B a d C o p
@"Anabel" enjoy your new mewtwo, you don't need the gumshoos back?
Nah I have another
B a d C o p
OH WOW It's a Gen 4 Mewtwo! Even cooler!
B a d C o p
@"Anabel" i wanted to giveaway pokemon that are catchable in game as shinies Big Grin  enjoy
@Skulblaka01 hey, I can trade now if you want?
@flamingstrike let me add your FC and we can trade if you still can
@Skulblaka01 I'm online now Smile

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