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[DISCUSSION] All Our Shiny Fails
Now here is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside-down  that I have wanted to share with you all here for a while, but life is  this is the story of not only my first shiny legendary encounter, but also my first ever shiny fail.

I was planning on catching a shiny legendary for bragging rights fun, and decided to go for a shiny Pheromosa, however this is going to know as an event I will call "A Series of Unfortunate Events", Here is what had lead up to this:

- Been grinding Money in the Elite 4 for a while for some quick money

- Did some trading between my Sun and Ultra Moon Copy

- Went into wormhole with same team of:

 - Barbaracle
 - Salazle
 - Alolan Exeggutor 
- Lycanroc
​ - And then 2 more I don't remember (I think they might have been eggs \_('-')_/ honestly it was so far back at this point I can't remember)

- Encountered Pheromosa in a few attempts

- Finally found the glorious bug with leggings after 348 SR

Now here comes the moments of terror that happened.  My Barbaracle was my false swiper I had chosen to use because I had only so long to do this (this was over an 8 day period when I had time).  So i get into the battle and go for false swipe, however first turn Pheromosa used Triple Kick and critting my Barbaracle the second and third times it hit, which koed him, I know, no big deal I can just revive him, BUT WAIT MAN, YOU JUST USED ALL YOUR REVIVES IN THE LEAGUE, I stared at my bag for a solid minute as I was trying to find something to revive him, but I wasn't able to find anything.  

Welp guess I can't do anything about that now, but I don't have a week enough attack that won't kill it.  Guess I just got to status it and catch it that way.  BUT WAIT DUDE ALL YOU GOT IS THAT SALAZZLE THAT CAN STATUS IT, AND IT IS THE MOVE TOXIC DUDE, I was livid at how stupid past me was.  

No problem I got like 2 master balls in my bag.....Traded both to my Sun Copy.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I just started chucking Beast Balls at it, but non got more than 1 wiggle, so I went for the Toxic and hoped that I would be able to catch it before it died, but I you already guess where this story is heading. 

And thus I bid farewell to what could have been, rip Jeggings (the nickname I decided on)

This was all back in March by the way because I felt it went along with the Luck of the Shinies Tourny, but I guess I only fully recovered from it during the past week \_('-')_/

And I know I'm not the only who must have failed this bad, so I am asking all of you guys the following:

1. How many shinies have you failed if any?
2. How bad was your worse Shiny fail?
3. How bad was mine compared to your's?

I'm going for a much easier shiny next time, most likely a Magikarp because it descibes how this felt.

See you guys down below,

I've failed a few shinies myself, such as killing a shiny pokemon I was hunting for ~20 hours because i was playing Overwatch and not really paying all that much attention. But that's not all that bad>

I have a few really bad shiny fails.
Number 1-?
So back when gen 5 came out I didn't know anything about shinies. As far as I knew red Gyarados was the only pokemon that had a different color to it, and only available at the Lake of Rage in Johto.

Well I started up either black or white, dont remember at this point, and I choose either Oshiwatt or Snivy. Theres a reason I dont remember btw.
So when I went into the first battle I noticed it sparkled, and not knowing what it was I didnt pay it much mind. Well, I reset my game because my starter was male, and back then I always went for female starters so I could breed one for a friend. Well I chose the other starter that time, and it was also shiny. Still didn't realize
So I reset and decided I would use Snivy as I liked the colors more. It was shiny again. Still male.
Doesn't shine, but female.
Thought, wait this is different then the last one, it doesnt sparkle or look as dark. Thought I would reset for one that was female and sparkled
Shiny, not female
not shiny, nor female
Reset a few times
after about the 3rd female and no sparkles (remember, I didn't know what a shiny was) I decided to just go with a female Snivy.

Shiny Fail Number ?+1:
Shiny Ditto
Correction, Shiny Imposter Ditto, in ORAS, 3 min perfect IV's
It transformed into my Level 100 Volcarona
I had traded my MasterBall to a different game
Kept 1-2 hitting entire team
It starts stuggling to death
I'm trying to catch it the best I can
It kills itself and leaves me with 2 revives, when I had around 20, and 2 Pokemon alive instead of 6

Worst thing, during that same week one friend killed a shiny and my other friend caught one.
So 2 fails in a group of friends and one success
The person who succeeded was EV training
Encountered a shiny lunatone at my friedns place in the cave on the way to the location of kyurem in BW. Was out of pokeballs except for <10 ultraballs and when i ran out we just laughed it off and i killed it. Rip full odds lunatone.
so at the moment, i've failed 3 shinies that i know of. the first i encountered during my playthrough of omega ruby. literally my first encounter in meteor falls was a shiny zubat, but clever ol' me didn't have any pokeballs, and i have yet to reclaim it. i've even gone past 15000 encounters without anything.

my 2nd fail was my first horde hunt, whismer. i caught the thing no problem, but as soon as i did, my mom called me to help her with something, leaving me no time to save. this wouldn't have been a problem if her friend didn't decide to come over and bring her children. i came back to see one of them kicking my ds, full on kicked it for no reason (the reason it was on the floor was because my charger input was screwed up and i had a charging base). not only did they crack my DS's case, but it also knocked out my cartridge, so rip whismer.

my final shiny fail (that i know of) involves chain fishing. i get a shiny remoraid, and decide that my raichu, who was only 3 levels higher, could nuzzle it. didn't even crit and it still killed. i have reclaimed this one

also i might have failed type: null but i can't be certain. it looked yellow for a second
So far, the only shiny i failed is a shiny Basculinin poikemon X. Apparently, I was chain fishing for a shiny fish, and in less then 20 encounters, i got a shiny red stripe basculin. But, when I tried a quick ball it broke out, used final gambit, and killed itself. And I never found a shiny Basculin ever again. (But i never liked basculin cause its 2 green) But, i got a full odds random shiny skiddo to make up for it so im good.

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