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[DISCUSSION] Game Review
Hey guys Pyroke here giving you a review from my Game Corner. In this post I'll be going over a dungeon crawling game named                                                                                                                                                                           [Image: 7335a19965e10e84ce5330d9337078d404f2b29d...f1661e.jpg]

     Now for those of you who don't know what CRAWL is basically it's a dungeon crawling game. It might be a dungeon crawling game but it is also a little more than that. Where this game really shines is the multiplayer. As you might know dungeon crawlers aren't multi-play usually and if they are you all work together to collect the loot and get out alive. The twist crawl offers is that it's a PvP kind of game. What I mean by that is only one can be the hero in this story. When you start any new game you and all other player will start out in a room together and the last one standing after a bloody fight remains the hero. Worry not if you die though in this game DEATH is not the end.

     Once you do happen to die you become a ghost you could say. Once a ghost your job is take out the hero and reclaim your humanity. Even in death everyone is still your enemy because the one to kill the final blow to the hero gets to become a human once again. The problem with being a ghost is you can't really hurt the hero on your own however you can use traps, furniture, and spawn slimes to try and take out the hero to deal some damage. This game really get's going once you see the pentagrams on the floor use this to become a variety of beasts and monsters to reclaim your humanity some examples are below. 

[Image: 2BF44DC58271B45CC6DA045F422A01FB83FE9CE6][Image: latest?cb=20140816120654][Image: latest?cb=20140816121314][Image: Rz3a.gif][Image: latest?cb=20140816120656]

             These are only a few of the many creaturess you can control in your quest to become human or they are your biggest obstacle to espacing this place it all depends on how well you can survive. Each creature does have it's own gimmick for example one can shoot a laser from afar and another likes to get close and personel to deal massive amounts of damage.
Beware player abusing these abilites usually end up in untimely demise as a human or monster because each time you use your special ability you must wait for it to "cooldown" before you can use it again.

               Enough talk about the monsters lets move onto the hero the one we all hope to be and in this case for a very good reason. As the hero you can differnt abilites depending on what you have on you because more are at a shop I'll discusse that in a bit. One ability is a light arrow you summon to take care of those pesky spacers or you too can charge like a bull to your enemies and stun them or maybe you want to be defensive with a shield. Weapons are another level you got spears, bows, swords, daggers, etc. now these are great because they have a chance to have an ability such as summoning swords from the heavens, firing ice shards out, or powering you up with the powers of the rat king.

     [Image: daggercombo1.gif][Image: throwing_knives_combo21.gif][Image: bow_combo.gif][Image: spear_combo.gif][Image: 20140813131731]

 As mentioned earlier there is a shop and to get there you need to explore the dungeon without dying trust me it hurts to die outside it's door. Gold is such a precious item in this game to get it is a little unorthodox. There are a couple ways to get it as a human, scavenge,chests, other normal things. As a monster however you can still earn gold you do that by dealing damage to the hero the more damage you deal the more gold you get once revived. At the shop not only can you buy weapons you can also buy things like potions to make you faster but it has a catch such as maybe a little less health so choose carefully. Items to buff you up as a monster or human can also be bought here one example is an item that once your monster body dies it explodes.

                                                                                             [Image: 2324-2.jpg]

        The final stretch I'll tell you about lvl up. As a human the more monsters you kill the more exp you get simple right? It does have a downside for you as the hero but an upside as a monster. When the hero lvls up more and more the monsters get "Wrath" now Wrath is something you use to upgrade your monster into new ones to get stronger better ones and the best part is goes through a tree system so one game you might be a warlock and the next a demon that summons swords. With this being the final stretch you should know about how to win/lose the game. While you're running around this dungeon you might see this thing.
[Image: 11cc9829b2d29c62079fa757fcae5e91.gif]


        Once you hit lvl 10 as a human you can go and fight the boss but be careful lose you get kicked out with a smidge of health and you only get 3 tries to fight. Now when I said lose I mean if you lose to the boss 3 times it escapes onto the world and you become lost forever. Also, the 3 tries applies to everyone so let's see who is able to kill the boss or the reason to trap everyone forever. Ghosts this is by no mean a way for you to sit by the sidelines the funny thing is...YOU BECOME THE BOSS! So go out there and show the hero good doesn't always win.

[Image: Crawl.gif][Image: uIjzNaf.png][Image: latest?cb=20171130063146]

The Good:
It's a budget worthy game only $20 and usually goes on sale
Fun couch co-op or online
Adds variety with the tree system
No dungeon is the same
No game is the same
Even if you don't become human at all in a game you can still win
Currently on all consoles even Switch

The Bad:
No online play for switch couch only
Games can be really long around an hour or more
A comeback can be almost impossible
It can become easy to make a broken set

My rating: 8/10 Daggers
[Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739][Image: 70?cb=20140813024739]

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