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[DISCUSSION] Games We've Never Played! - With Retro
I have not touched Fornite, and to be honest, i'm glad.
The game idea is stale for starters. A very large map that involves players jumping down and landing at various sites, while they gather items and fight to the death in an arena that closes in on you just doesn't appeal to me. If drops are randomized, then your entire gameplay can be ruined by getting unlucky. If they aren't, then it can be broken by getting good gear consistently. I try to avoid popular games, like Fortnite and CoD, simply because other kids wont shut up about the game, and how it is gods gift to the world. Games with a lot smaller communites, like Touhou (I think), and Mystery Dungeon seem to have more of a charm to them, since the toxicity is a lot lower.
Hmm, this is going to be a huge List:

* Overwatch, not sure what that is even though the older moderators of Pokemon Forever mentioned it in the Discord Channel about a year ago.

* Zelda games, not a big fan of those adventure games.

* FIFA, I don't play soccer

* Madden, not an American, I don't even know the rules. Sad

* The Last Of Us, not sure what that is. Not a big fan of Zombie games, well I got bore of Dead Space 2 in the second Chapter.

* Tomb Raider. Not a big fan of exploring small islands. Skyrim or Assassin Creed: Black Flag is the type of exploring game I expected.

* Neverwinter, Tera Online, well almost every MMORPG other than MapleStory. I dropped MapleStory due too much cash, like GTA V adn NBA 2K nowadays. I meant one time pay is fine but not paying again just for some items.

* Probably more, I will list down when I have the time.
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