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[DISCUSSION] It can't move so it's clearly trash
Hey, been a while huh? Sorry.
So today's topic is about inanimate object Pokemon. What is an inanimate object Pokemon? Well....I mean... It's obvious lul. Anyway, inanimate object Pokemon get a lot of hate because of lazy design and such. But I think some of them are really cool. So today's question: What's your favourite IO Pokemon and why? Thanks for participating and have a fantastic day.

As for me, my favourite IO Pokemon is Magnemite. Why? Not only is it our first ELECTRIC + STEEL type Pokemon, but in Pokemon Snap I loved it's "evolution method" of grouping Magnemites to form Magneton. Plus. Magnezone is a freaking UFO.
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Metagross is the best, you can't deny it.
Garchomp is cool too because it is based on a Shark, a Dragon and a Jet plane, so 33% Inanimate
I think it's Onix/Steelix for me, just a bunch of rocks that stick together to form a snkae-thingy. Big Grin

Steelix would have been such an awesome Totem-Pokemon in Sun and Moon though
@Reis Sneaky Kappa But I do love the Chomp
Metapod's still the best.
@PerchPond Right? Here's hoping for US/UM
(Aug 28, 2017, 05:20 AM)Anabel Wrote: @Reis Sneaky Kappa But I do love the Chomp

I hate Garchomp because everyone uses it, it's versatility is too good...
also it did not need a mega, flygon needed it more
(Aug 28, 2017, 05:22 AM)Anabel Wrote: @PerchPond Right? Here's hoping for US/UM
@Anabel Amen to that. Btw, you made a thread about the Fossil Park theory right? Can't seem to find it now Undecided I'm insanely hyped if I can get a shiny Tyrantrum in a Moon ball in US/UM, holy I would seriously cry
@PerchPond here

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