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[DISCUSSION] Most Wanted Alolan Forms in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?
Alolan Clamperl | Water - Steel | Filter, Shell Armor, Heavy Metal {HA} | Pokedex entry:
- Sun: People sought after Clamperl's core as a prize possession, so to avoid human interaction, they grew a heavy coat around their shell in order to weigh themselves down to the bottom of the sea.
- Moon: To defend itself against it's natural predators, Clamperl's shell grew a metallic coat to survive even the strongest of attacks from Sharpedo.
Gets Autotomize, Heavy Slam and Mirror Shot.

Alolan Gorebyss | Water - Steel | Filter, Clear Body, Heavy Metal {HA} | Pokedex entry:
- Sun: It's slender body allows it to swim through tight spaces with ease. It's metallic body can withstand almost any physical attack.
- Moon: It uses it's spear-like mouth to impale it's prey. No records of a Pokemon surviving an attack from Alolan Gorebyss exists to this day.

Alolan Huntail | Steel - Dragon | Rough Skin, Shell Armor, Adaptability {HA} | Pokedex entry:
- Sun: It's skin is rough to to touch because it often brushes up against rocks to sharpen it's scales. It adapted to it's surroundings in order to fight of it's predators, Toxapex and Sharpedo.
- Moon: It is wild in nature and will attack whatever it sees as a threat. It ruthlessly hunts down Carvahna and Mareanie in an attempt to make it's predators less common.
Gets Dragon Dance and Iron Head.
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I'd honestly love a Volt Absorb Venomoth Smile I wouldn't be surprised if Farfetch'd got an alola form though, given how bad it is competitively
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Paras and Parasect
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Nuff said.

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