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[DISCUSSION] Our Teams From Hoenn! - with 0kamii

You're so smart Senpai Heart
Can't guarantee an exact day to do threads so
lets try to aim for TWO a week I guess
[Image: Py9UFYhh.jpg:large]
The Big G himself approves @FireTaco
My team, as follows, through OR;

[Image: 250px-257Blaziken.png] Starter. Powerhouse. Mega Evolver.

[Image: 250px-334Altaria.png] Flyboy.

[Image: 250px-292Shedinja.png] Ghostly Bug that is powerful.

[Image: 250px-376Metagross.png] Metal God.

[Image: 250px-460Abomasnow.png] The coolest grass.

[Image: 250px-319Sharpedo.png] The Dark Fish.

They had the HMs distrubuted somewhat evenly. And Shedinja was the one that knew False Swipe. Weakened a lot of tough legendaries that way.

As an FYI, I always try and have 6 dual types, with little to no crossover, in my games, every time.

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