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[DISCUSSION] Your best Pokemon IV Score
If you caught any high IV pokemon lately, this is the place to brag about it!

I'll start..
Just caught today 96% Dratini. Unlucky he is only 167CP but for user I'm going to power it up as soon as I get the candies. He can more than 3000CP in total!
I checked the IV stats at the iv calculator, so I'm sure he will be a great success.
 Dratini candies here I come! Dragonite soon
I caught a 2463 cp snorlax with 94% it's been in the gym in my town for about a week now
100% Magikarp Cool
98% Vaporeon and Arcanine
I got 100% IV Cp3075 Dragonite (my lvl is 30). :D
I also got 100 IV CP1917 Starmie and 100%IV CP 635 Doduo.
Vaporeon 94%
90ish% IV Pikachu. Gonna become a Raichu soon!
Life only happens once. Make the most out of it.

I main Tracer for some reason...
My Friend Safari is Flying with Pidgey, Fletchiender and Swanna. Feel free to add me!

Also, my name is Hayden... Why am I Johnnyspyguy?
Arcanine 100% 2436cp
Dragonite 90% 2787cp
Got 92% magikarp

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