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(Nov 22, 2019, 12:46 AM)Sui Wrote:
(Nov 21, 2019, 01:22 PM)Hojunhu Wrote: Interested in Grookey and I have a few shield traders, but curious as to why they *must* be in regular Pokeballs.

Obsessive Cleaniliness Disorder 
I want my pokemon's ball in unison Smile

LOL sorry for nearly all the Shield mons I sent over being in custom balls XD I'm the exact opposite of you and want all my mons in balls that match them... and in particular, I like to breed competitive teams of 6 with all the mons being the same colour (shinies allowed), and all the mons in the same pokeballs. But my living dex is litered with every type of ball lol What do you do with your apricorn balls if you only like pokeballs XD

Looks like 10 of the exclusives I sent over aren't in regular pokeballs––if I have time I'll try catching them for you.
Hey dont know if your still doing it i dont what i haft to trade for them tho

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