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[FOR TRADE] LF: Masterballs - FT: Shiny Magikarps
Hey guys I need some help with getting a couple of Masterballs so I can hunt and catch some shiny gmax pokemon. The shiny Magikarps are from the recent raid event and I have about 9 in total that I'm willing to trade. Here is a list of what I have to offer in general. 

4 IVs - 3 total 
- 1 w/Swift Swim 
   - Nature: Relaxed 
- 2 w/Rattled 
   - Natures: Lonely, Modest 

5 IVs - 6 total 
- 2 w/Swift Swim 
   - Natures: Rash, Relaxed 
- 4 w/Rattled 
   - Natures: Quiet, Impish, Relaxed, Brave 

If you have any other questions in regards to their stats or other, let me know. And I will accept other offers but my main focus is to get Masterballs. Thank you all in advance.

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