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[FRIEND SAFARI] Add Me For Friend Safaris Plz
My friend code is below my custom Crystal Onix icon, so add me so we can be friends and hunt in our safaris.  Smile
I've already added you-- mine is 4098-7810-2073
(Jun 29, 2018, 09:24 PM)Cheeto Wrote: I've already added you-- mine is 4098-7810-2073

Thx. Also what type of safari am I and what pokemon are in my safari?
my fc is: 3969 8978 1056 
Pls add me
you can add me (plus my safari has Eevee which makes it ten times better) i dont need to say mine since its already on the profile
Hey, I think I can be of some help here.
Also I have a rare safari,
Add my FC (1822-2031-3986), I have added yours
can people also add me, i want to shiny hunt but i have no more interesting FS
sure, have you added me?
IGN: Phillip
Safari: Normal
1: Lillipup
2: Audino
3: N/A
(Jul 11, 2018, 12:01 AM)ScarletSableye Wrote:  
yes i have added you, also it should be Eevee

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