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Fastest Giveaway on Pokemon Forever [COMPLETE]
The only numbers left are 5 & 9 so would you like 9? @Hawlucha64

Kris' Egg Swap
@Mr. Ultracool Sorry for the wait :P

Kris' Egg Swap
Nine is cool thanks
Thanks for the shiny Incineroar, Primarina and Avalugg!
I'm back again.
@Hawlucha64 FC and IGN?

Kris' Egg Swap
Ign Tom
Fc 1349-9319-0282
@Hawlucha64 Ok, going on now

Kris' Egg Swap
One sec I just realised I don't have anything to trade back
Ok not sure if it's one number or three numbers but for one I choose 8 for three I chose 789
super pumped for the shinies
If 5 is still available can I have it?
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