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[GIVEAWAY] 6IV Ditto's for Gen 7
soon ok
Hopefully its not too late and you still have some Smile wouldnt mind a different nature if you dont have jolly anymore. Thanks!  Shy Shy Shy

Metapod Level: 5
Pokéball Type: Great Ball
Ditto Nature: Jolly
Message: This is a Pokemon that I raised so that it will do great in battles.
IGN: Tyler
I need another ditto for my cousin.

Metapod Level: 7
Pokéball Type: Pokeball
Ditto Nature: Any
Please trade Pokemon w
ith me.
Thanks in advance
IGN: Rin
Hi just recently got back into pokemon. If it's not too late I'd like a to get a ditto for breeding.

Metapod Level: 13 male
Pokeball Type: Quick Ball
Ditto Nature: Jolly
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in Advance
IGN: Dio
@Shiny-Hunter @Dio817 @starflux3232 @strina

All of your ditto's have now been delivered, hope you all enjoy breeding with them  Big Grin
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
Thank you! Smile
Thank you! Really appreciate it Big Grin
Metapod Level: 16 Female
Pokeball: Dusk Ball
Ditto nature: Jolly
Message: "I want to fill my Pokedex."
IGN: Frostytacos

Thanks in advance! :D
Metapod Level: 14
Pokéball Type: Nest Ball
Ditto Nature: Any
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
IGN: Elsy
Metapod Level: 8 Male
Pokéball Type: Quickball
Ditto Nature: Any
Message: "I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure."
IGN: Travis

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