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[GIVEAWAY] Active Ditto Giveaway
So when you guys request ill be trading through the GTS if you want 5 Iv dittos nickname the pokémon "5" or if you want 6 iv put "6" as the nickname.

The Pokémon you have to put up for trade is a Dratini i'm only going to be looking through levels 1-10 so if it's above i won't trade the Dittos nickname will be pkmnforever 

The ditto ill be trading will be shiny with imposter 5 or 6 ivs whatever you guys want.
Brave nature for 5 iv and 6 iv can be Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only

                                        Fill the form
                               Nature (5 ivs = Brave) (6 ivs = Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only)
                               IGN :
                               Nickname:When nicknameing for a 6 IV ditto please Put the nature you want after the 6 thanks

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If you don't put a dratini lvl 1-10 on GTS i won't trade also request Ditto lvl 91-100

You can request move than once just wait about 24 hours between each post
 totally didn't take this from @stephenWITNESS Giveaway thread lol

We Have a Help Shout Out to @stephenWITNESS To Helping out
I'd like a Ditto, if you wouldn't mind. :D

IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 5
Deposited Gender & Level : Female Lv. 1 in an Premier Ball.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Wanted : 5IV Brave Ditto

Thank you! :D
IGN: Frea
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender Female
Nickname: 6

Nature of requested Ditto: doesn't really matter, but might be Jolly

Thank you! ^^
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Nickname: 6
Nature: Jolly

Thanks :D
IGN: Broco
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Nickname: 6
Nature: Timid

Thanks a lot!
Nature: Adamant
IGN: Michael
Nickname: 6 (lv. 1, female)

Thank you so much in advance!
IGN: wink
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender Male
Nickname: 6

the nature can be anything, thank you!
IGN : Zach
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level : Male Lv. 1 in a PokeBall.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Wanted : 6IV Brave Ditto
IGN: Jessica
Deposited: Dratini named 6
Gender - Lvl: Female - Lvl.1
Wanted: 91+ Ditto
Preferred Nature: Adamant or Timid
Message: Default

Thank you! Smile
I'd also like a ditto!

IGN : Store Yngve
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level : Male level 1 
Message : Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Wanted : 6 IV Ditto, preferably jolly nature, but any nature will do if you don't have it. 

Thank you so much! =D

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