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[GIVEAWAY] Back with a BANG! - 100+ Legit BR Pokémon!!!

A near perfect golisopod has been sent your way, it is only missing 1 IV giving it best in 5 stats with a fantastic in the other
@Tenebris_Kane Thank you again! I'll do the same request in 1-2 hours from this post, I want a Golisopod too.  Smile

Also, do you know someone that could help me with a Pokemon, I want to get a Ralts for US/UM and I don't know who to ask.

Thanks in advance!

I can breed from my competitive gardevoir if that is ok with you? are there any specifications you need though?

For reference the Gardevoir ~I would likely breed from is as follows (I have a modest one if you want a different one without hidden power):

5 best IV's
Trace ability
Moves (I don't know what passes down from memory): 
- Psyshock
- Moonblast
- Hidden Power (would take longer to get this when breeding)
- Trick
@Tenebris_Kane I was actually thinking of a Gallade, I'm more of a fan of him (I know my pic is a Gardevoir cuz I like that icon more), but if you can do Gardevoir only it's good too.  Smile (The modest one sounds ok).

Also I forgot to put the Poke for the Golisopod, I did now.

Deposited: Metapod
Trainer Name: Whispér
Level: 13
Ball: Poke

If I hatch an egg from a gardevoir it still hatches as a ralts so it is no problem if I use it as a parent, I will try and get a male baby ralts, since the gender ratio is 50/50 it shouldn't be a problem.

I will trade your golisopod soon when I get a chance to go on my DS
@Tenebris_Kane Thank you! Can't wait.  Big Grin

Are you still wanting a male ralts? If so please can you deposit something into GTS to collect it  Blush

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