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[GIVEAWAY] Breeding Giveaway!
As the title says, I'm doing a breeding giveaway!

Direct trading if you'd like, my FC is 4356 - 2834 - 6025.
Leave yours in your reply if you'd like to do direct trading, I'll add you right back.

I also do GTS, so here's what it would look like if you wanted to do it for GTS, obviously. Warning that you may get sniped, if you do then please tell me!

No legendaries or mythical Pokemon. If you want a shiny well you may get it you may not, who knows? Btw, I'm only giving out Level 1's.

Anyways, here's what the ''sign-up sheet'' would look like if you were to do GTS:

Pokemon Wanted:
Gender Wanted:
Ability Wanted:
Nature Wanted:
Pokemon Deposited:
For Direct Trading:
Pokemon Wanted:
Gender Wanted:
Ability Wanted:
Nature Wanted:
That's about it.
I have a wired internet connection and wireless internet is limited for me.
Sorry if I can't get you your Pokemon immedietly, please be patient with me.

A +1 would be nice but it obviously isn't needed.

Thanks and goodbye!

( sorry if this is the wrong place to post this! ;-; )
Pokemon Wanted: Gengar
Gender Wanted: Male
Ability Wanted: Cursed body
Nature Wanted:Timid
Pokemon Deposited:Surskit
IGN: Vasco
Message:Please trade pokemon with me. thanks in advance.
For Direct Trading:-
Pokemon Wanted:-
Gender Wanted:-
Ability Wanted:-
Nature Wanted:-
@VascoDaVincii98 Will work on it ASAP!
Just a quick question. 

Can you do pokemon not native to alola or only ones available in game natively?
@MudKate108 Just wondering, what are you exactly giving out? Huh
Can u breed me a perfect br 6iv larvesta with -hp ground
-quiver dance
-fiery dance
-giga drain

My ign is hawkeye

If you could do this id be extremely thankful
Pokémon wanted: alolan Vulpix
Gender: female
Nature: timid
Ability: snow warning

Can I also get a HA exeggcute (I can't spell that well).
My friend code is 4957-7514-3746 because I have a new 3ds
Can I ask for two pokemons? Huh
Can you breed me a 6iv larvesta with the hidden ability swarm
egg moves would be good but I dont need them.

Pokemon Deposited:rockruff
Message:Pleae trade pokemon with me . Thanks in advance
Can you breed me a 5/6 IV HA Cleffa?

 Direct Trading

Pokemon Wanted: Cleffa
Gender Wanted: Female
Ability Wanted: Unaware
Nature Wanted: Calm

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