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[GIVEAWAY] Breedjects for everyone! 2.0
Greeting and hello, everyone!

Welcome to Ryokara's Breedject Giveaway 2.0! (SM & ORAS)
Status: ONLINE!

You can grab some high quality breedjects here! But what does that mean?

Every Sun / Moon Pokémon you grab from here has at least 4 perfect IVs!
Please note: This only counts for Pokémon from SM and not necessarily for ORAS!

What do you have to do to get your hands on those breedjects, though?
You just need to fill out the form below and add the corresponding FC(s) on your system!

Some current info:

GTS is not an option for this giveaway (yet). Pokémon get sniped in a matter of seconds.

I have access to PokéBank. If you wish for me to transfer breedjects from ORAS to SM, I can do so!

If you catch this Giveaway while I'm offline, feel free to leave a message nonetheless.
My time zone is GMT +1.

I sit at Discord on the PokemonForever server all day long. @ me in the #pokemon_trading chat and I'll be there!
The ID is Ryokara#7686

Also, if you wish to do me a favor, those are my current needs:
- Timid Nihilego / Timid Xurkitree / Impish Celesteela - check here
- Bottle caps. All of them.
- Ditto with 0 Speed IV on S/M
- Your breedjects! Especially those with HAs and / or egg moves.

The FC(s) you need:

For SM:
The same as on my profile. IGN is Haku.

FC for ORAS:
4785-5554-4205 / IGN is Haruka.

The form I'd love you to fill out:

FC: (if not on the profile)
IGN: (if not on the profile)
Pokémon Wanted:
Pokémon Offered: (optional)
Which version do you wish to trade with?:

The breedjects I offer:

Since this would end up way too comprehensive, I moved it into my Google Drive.
You can find the complete and regularly updated list

> here <

Sooo, in case you're interested or have any questions, feel free to leave a message here or PM me!
Thank you very much for stopping by! :3
@Ryokara do you still have any HA gibles in oras?
I just checked my bank and: Yes, I do!
Do you wish to get a male or female Gible?
PS: Since I'm mindlessly wonder trading in Sun right now, would you mind adding my older system?
FC is 4785-5554-4205 and IGN is Haruka! :) That is, if you don't prefer GTS anyways. :p
Added Alolan Vulpix to the list!
When would this giveaway close?
Can there be reservations or upon request?
@Ryokara added you but headed to work soon, what would you like for that gible? female please. In return I have (on oras, with HA) All 18 starters, amoongus, dratini (with extremespeed), mawile, whismur, roselia, shieldon, zubat, togepi, deerling, murkrow, zangoose, eevee, spinda, plusle, gligar, magnemite, growlithe, audino, stunky, nidoran, roggenrolla, mankey, fletchling, magmar, spheal, miltank, larvesta, lapras, sneasel, seel, chansey, numel, snorunt, beldum, helioptile, mr. mime, gulpin, scraggy, hoppip, rhyhorn, tailow, shellos, abra, meowth, snorlax, wobbuffet, teddiursa, spiritomb, psyduck, jellicent, luxray, bronzong, petilil, ariados, seviper, toxicroak and tyrogue. also interested in your snow warning vulpix if you would like 2 of these
Hmm. Honestly, I don't know. I'll give these fellas away for as long as I have the time to do so!
My last giveaway was quite huge and I did it for about a whole month. And then one thing came to another and I stopped coming online. -cough-
So, I don't really have a deadline or a fixed date I want to stop giving my breedjects away. :)

Do you mean reservations in terms of "I can't trade right now, but I'd like to trade for that Salandit in 3 days." or
me breeding specific Pokémon, whose breedjects I would offer then?
For the first: Sure thing, no biggie. :)
For the second: I wonder traded just a bit and got my hands on a selection of a few worthy breedjects.
At the moment, I kinda focused on breeding with those, so the variety is limited.
I don't really feel like grinding for that 1% HA Bagon, but if it's something easy to archive, feel free to ask - I'll see what I can do. :p

In that case, I'd be VERY interested in Nidoran with HA! I just love Nidoking. =u=
Also, sure thing for these two Snow Warning Vulpix. Got a male and a female one "reserved" for you. :3
Pokémon Desposited: meowth 
Nickname of Pokémon: Ryokara
Gender of Pokémon: female
Level of Pokémon:9
Pokémon Wanted: HA vuplix female?
I went for the GTS and weren't able to find your Meowth.
Probably it has been traded for an Vulpix already. o.<

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