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Hello everybody! I was breeding for a shiny rowlet and now have way too many orbs in my boxes! I have at least one box entirely full of ideal ivs jolly rowlets! (meaning every iv is perfect save for special attack).

Limit is one per person and to speed things up I will do this through both gts AND direct trades. If you want to trade directly drop a comment with your trainer name, friend code and what time you're available in EST TIME.

If you'd rather receive your rowlet through GTS then send a message following this form and enter the message GMG along with a pokemon level 1-10 and tell me the name you deposited. Here is a handy form:

I will try to be available more often by being online from 9pm to 10pm on weeknights and available most of the day/night on weekends, though you're more than welcome to leave requests while I'm offline. End of the giveaway will be announced depending on how fast the rowlets are claimed. If you would like me to nickname your rowlet shoot me a pm. Nicknamed rowlets will probably be received a bit later than non-nicknamed ones to keep the flow of distribution steady. I hope you all enjoy this giveaway!

Pokemon Deposited:
Message: GMG

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