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[GIVEAWAY] Claim the Leftover BR VGC Steel-Types! - Kartana & Ferrothorn
[Image: 4rexY4K.png]
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and today I'm picking up the scraps and hopefully sending my friends here off to a good home.

As we close in on the newest Amethyst 0mega giveaway, I just wanted to send the remnants of the previous giveaway off on their way. These are too quality for Wonder Trade, especially since I know I'll only get Wingulls in return, thus encouraging the toxic population to keep fishing for valuable mons like this on WT. Not happening! Thus, I'd rather distribute them here where I know that they're going off to good trainers that will use them right. There's only one Kartana remaining, and three Ferrothorn. In case you need a reminder of their sets, you can find them below:
[Image: kartana.png]
Kartana @ Focus Sash
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Sp Def / 252 Spd
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Jolly Nature
- Detect
- Leaf Blade
- Sacred Sword
- Smart Strike

[Image: ferrothorn.png]
Ferrothorn @ Choice Band
Ability: Iron Barbs
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Sp Def
IVs: 31/31/31/X/31/0
Brave Nature
- Gyro Ball
- Power Whip
- Iron Head
- Knock Off
The Ferrothorn are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. If you'd like one, follow the same format as the master giveaway.
1.) Fly to Hau'oli City
2.) Catch a Finneon (in SM) or a Mantyke (in USUM)
3.) Nickname it '0mega'
4.) Deposit it into the GTS for desired mon
4.5) Set level 41 - 50 for Ferrothorn
5.) Leave a comment using this format:

[Image: finneon.png] [Image: mantyke.png]
Level of Finneon/Mantyke:
Poké Ball:
Pokémon Wanted: Ferrothorn
Since there is only one Kartana remaining, and I know multiple people are going to want it, I decided I'm going to auction it off raffle style. If you want to enter the raffle for the last remaining Kartana, all you have to do is include a number between 301 - 400 along with your submission for Ferrothorn. If you don't want a Ferrothorn and just want the Kartana, just post a number between those in the thread below. The closest to the number I've selected between these wins the Kartana. Results will be announced Monday.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii

Raffle Numbers:
@Pyroke - 345
@AverageJoe - 307
@itsmekhairi - 375
@Saichi - 305
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
I'll never love Ferrothorn
Timezone is GMT+10 (AEST)

Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart
IGN:  Capone
Level of Finneon/Mantyke: 18
Poké Ball:Dive Bale
Gender: Male
Pokémon Wanted: Ferrothorn
(Apr 20, 2018, 12:13 PM)Kris Wrote: I'll never love Ferrothorn

@Kris How come? Look at how awesome its metalic flat Durian design is! Smile
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 
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I deposited a level 34 Finneon (Omega) and 307
@AverageJoe Sent. Enjoy!  Big Grin
@Pyroke Sent. Enjoy!  Big Grin

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Thanks @0kamii Smile
I deposited a level 98 Finneon.

Please redeposit. I don't see it.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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