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[GIVEAWAY] Giving away 10 Shiny Level 100 Genesect :)
So it's nearly Christmas and I know a fair few people are still struggling to get hold of Genesect still, so I thought I'd give a bunch away as I was trading them across from my Black/White games the other night. So if you'd like to enter for the free Genesect just post here, and I'll either do a raffle for who gets them, or I'll just do first come first serve. If there's any other Pokemon people are after like event mew, etc, I'm pretty sure I've got boxes of them on my other games too, so I can transfer them across and do another giveaway in the future Smile

Good feedback from this will result in me doing more giveaways most likely!

Current Queue:

-Shuneshinearmy (Done)
-Railtracks (Done)
-jaytank9000 (Done)
-Vous Abott (Done)
-Ninjer (Done)
-AquaX101 (Done)
-stealthbanana (Done)
-LlamaKing625 (Done)
-justus4all (Done)
-sammybaii (Done)

--10 People done, but going to continue as I have another 10 left Smile --

-Spottedheart11 (Offline while waiting to trade)
-Crimzonz (Offline while waiting to trade)
-Fernniggles (Offline while waiting to trade)

If anybody is interested also, I do stream myself shiny hunting/Do regular giveaways on twitch, so feel free to follow and join in with the fun Smile !
Hello thanks for doing this!

IGN: Jordan
FC: 0946-2729-3416
FC: 1736-2509-3977
IGN: Railtracks


P.S. - I do need other Event Pokémon if they're being given away too. Smile
P.P.S. - Thank you so much in advanced! Smile
P.P.P.S. - Thank you so much for real! :D Heart
wow this so nice of you and i would really like one if you do the first come first serve this would be awesome
ign: jared
thank you
IGN: Dat Anton
Friend Code: 0318-8430-0680

I'm on atm too! :D
IGN: Ninjer
FC: 3497-2043-5307

i am on aswell :D
IGN: Aqua
FC: 5171-9849-9697

I would like one please
welp i still need one c:
IGN: You
Okay, I'll start going through you guys and trading you all now Smile
I'll create a list so you know who I've gotten up to so far, if you look at the main post Smile
IGN: Josh
FC: 0662-3869-8711

so the giveaway is on black/white?

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