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[GIVEAWAY] OFFLINE! Turtonator,Rowlet, and Rockruff Breedject Giveaway!
Alright time to clear up these boxes lads! I'm giving away TURTONATORS (in repeat balls), ROWLETS, AND ROCKRUFF (in moon balls)BREEDJECTS, quite a few of which are 5IV!

All pokemon in this given nicknames if applicable. These nicknames are based off of gym leaders and elite four members whose type corresponds with the HIDDEN POWER type of the pokemon (ex: If you request a pokemon named Karen or Sidney, it is more likely to be a 5IV pokemon).

All ROCKRUFFS have CRUSH CLAW, FIRE FANG, THUNDER FANG, AND SUCKER PUNCH and have a JOLLY nature. Most have the VITAL SPIRIT ability (the one I started breeding with is included, and comes with a small prize as it is not nameable and has only 2 ivs).

All TURTONATORS have a QUIET nature.

Most ROWLETS are TIMID (because I was a fool) but some are JOLLY and one is IMPISH (this is the rowlet I started breeding with, and comes with a small prize as it is not nameable and only has 2ivs)

10 Karens
12 Sidneys
3 Draydens
9 Clairs
4 Jasmines
2 Pryces

7 Sidneys
7 Draydens
3 Pryces
2 Ramos(es)

8 Fantinas
5 Morties
4 Draydens
3 Byrons
3 Jasmines
2 Karens
2 Clairs
2 Burghs

1. ONE Pokemon per person.
2.Sniped pokemon cannot be replaced in this case, so this giveaway will be done via direct trading.
3.Leave a reply below with the name of the pokemon you want and Sun/Moon or US/UM trainer name, and your friend code if you want. Since this will be a direct trade, the level of the pokemon you give me doesn't matter. All offered pokemon are level 1.
4. The offered pokemon are only organized by name and species, not IV amount to make it a bit more random, do not request a pokemon with a specific IV amount.
5. To make this go as quickly as possible, please add my friend code BEFORE making your request. My friend code is underneath my trainer name.
6. I have school and work most of the day, so while you may leave requests when I'm offline, please do not send me spam messages rushing me to get online. I'll pretty much only be available on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you could leave the times you'll be available for trades with your request that would be nice as well!

I hope you all enjoy! Or at least this helps out any other breeders out there!

Note: I will be available from about 8am to 12:30 PM EST tomorrow!
hello! my nick on Ultra Moon is Mathbel;
aaaand i want a tortunator (karen), plox <3
I’m interested in a Rockruff (Karen) plss
my UM IGN is Gustbk
My name is Atosa on US  and  I want a rockruff(Fantina)
Thanks Big Grin
@Mathbel1 @Gustvius @Sweetstar2001 Your request has been noted! Let me know when you're available to receive your pokemon!
I can recieve the pokemon around 6:30-7:50GMT.
Whatever day you're ready.

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