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@wartty I won't refuse anyone at all for forgetting to do something:D

@flamingstrike No problem, you don't owe me anything Smile
ING: Sorua

I did all the things you said, but I'm not sure if I'm too late xD

if not, I'd be nice if the Rowlet is named Zirah
IGN: James
Deposited: Cutiefly, female, Level 1
@Sorua Hi, you're not too late. I'll write a post and close thread when I'm done with giveaway Smile
Also, the Rowlet wasn't hatched by me so I am unable to nickname it.

@Ninjames85 Hi, enjoy your Rowlet!
IGN: Sören
cutiefly, Male, lvl.9  Nickname: Queen
Catcher in a normal pokeball
thank You very much Smile
@Nukz0r Hi there, I can't seem to find your Cutiefly on GTS
@Queen  yeah someone else took it Dodgy
​​​​​​Just tell me eben you're online so i can put another cutiefly in the GTS.
@Nukz0r No problem, just put up another Cutiefly and I'll hand you a Shiny Rowlet, it's very rare for somebody else to even want a common Pokemon like a Cutiefly in the first place haha
Just Put another one (female,lvl.9,QUEEN,ultra ball) up.
@Nukz0r That one is gone too, so strange, who would snipe two Cutieflys named Queen xD

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