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[GIVEAWAY] "Transform" the World- 6 IV Ditto Giveaway! US/UM
Pokemon Deposited- Metapod
Level of Deposited-10
Message-I want to fill my pokedex
IGN: Wano
Nature of Ditto wanted: Jolly if possible but anything will work (6iv)

Thanks in advance  Big Grin
(Jan 28, 2018, 02:23 PM)wightvoid Wrote: Hey guys! So I have been noticing a large need for breeding Dittos for those who wish to breed their own teams out. Well, I am here to help! I am teaming up with @Tenebris_Kane to perform my first ever giveaway here on Pokemon Forever. I have cloned my 6 IV Ditto and have done so with varying natures (should you care). Kane will be aiding me in distribution.

IGN: Karl Marx
Pokemon Deposited- Metapod
Level of Deposited- 21
Gender- Female
Message- This is a Pokemon with great potential. Please raise it if you like. 
Nature of Ditto wanted: Adamant (6 IV)

Thank you bundles!

i think mine got sniped. I will put 1 up again

Pokemon Deposited- Metapod
Level of Deposited- 8
Gender- Female
Message- Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
IGN: Noobdogs
Is it still on? If yes then here's my metapod

Ign: Paul
level : 8
Gender: male
message: IV thanks a lot Smile

I have sent your ditto's, I am really sorry for the delays. I haven't been able to get on my DS for a few days


I can't see your metapod, it may have been sniped?


Yes the giveaway is still online, I am afraid I wasn't able to get on my DS the last couple days so a couple request built up  Undecided

I can't see your metapod in the GTS so it may have been sniped but that seems surprising since you only posted half an hour ago?
Also I currently have 3 natures available right now, would you prefer Adamant, Timid or Jolly (Other natures are possible but you would need to wait and not completely sure how soon you would get it)
The New Kahuna
It's still there. It has an ap-top. You really can't see it?
if possible i'd like to try adamant. 
no worries if it's impossible to trade Smile

I just looked again, I can see 1 metapod that is requesting a ditto with the trainer name Sacha?

Just to confirm are you using the Gen VII GTS (sun/ultrasun or moon/ultramoon)
The New Kahuna
I'm currently in pokemon y :o
Oh I forgot. So sorry wait a second :D
Alright. Mistakes were made and now I'm good to go. Sorry about that. It's online now

It's " Hello! Lets trade..."
no item I'm afraid Sad
couldn't bring that with me

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