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[GIVEAWAY] synchronize kadabras, open again
hello everyone,

so after breeding a lot of abra with synchronize and all possible natures and seeing @Gvng 's guide for nature hunting with said abillity.
i decided to giveaway all my breedject abras (now evolved into kadabras).
i have the following nature: (all are between lv 21 and lv 30 and in a regular pokeball)
bashful: 4
bold: 1
brave: 4
Calm: 1
Careful: 2
Docile: 5
Gentle: 2
Hardy: 4
Hasty: 2
Impish: 1
Jolly: 2
Lax: 4
Mild: 3
Modest: 2
Naive: 2
Naughty: 4
Quiet: 3
Rash: 3
Relaxed: 2
Serious: 7
Timid: 7

just say which nature you want and deposit a pikipek in the GTS,make sure you request a kadabra now between lv 21 -30
nature wanted:
deposited: pikipek

first comes, fisrt served, if someone gets sniped to often i don't mind doing a link trade instead but only after several snipes.
that's all :D

before you deposit read this please:
because everybody got sniped i'm going to evolve all abra into kadabra to decrease the chance of getting sniped. please wait with requesting until the giveway is open again
nature wanted: Impish
deposited: pikipek
Level: 1
gender: female
IGN: Aneesa
Nature: Bold
Deposited: Pikipek
Level: 6
Gender: Female
IGN: Kyle

Thank you so much :D
nature wanted: Timid
deposited: pikipek
Level: 3
gender: M
IGN: Scotty
nature wanted: Jolly
deposited: pikipek
Level: 1
Gender: M
IGN: William
@Skulblaka01 You sir are a legend  Heart  Thanks so much for this giveaway! I will be linking this Giveaway in my guide! if thats okay with you. Smile
Nature: Timid
Deposited: Pikipek
Level: 3
Gender: Female
IGN: Faiz

Thank you
@aing_cue @Tenebris @ScottyThunder @Testmeister @youngsterfaiz 

i'm sorry guys i can't find any of your pokemon, so i'm gonna change things a bit. i'm going to evolve all abra into kadabra hoping this will decrease the chance of being sniped. i'll send out a alert to you when i'm finnished and of course you get the nature you chose.
@aing_cue  @Tenebris  @ScottyThunder  @Testmeister  @youngsterfaiz 

the giveaway is open again, request a kadabra lv 21-30 and please repeat the nature and deposited pokemon.
nature wanted: Impish
deposited: pikipek
Level: 1
gender: female
IGN: Aneesa

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