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[GUIDE] A Kahuna's Guide to EV Training in Sun & Moon!
I got my battle items by dumping a lot of bred pokemon in pokemon box for points.
Great post really informative and easy to understand i don't usually do any EV training since i mainly shiny hunt and collect but now i feel like trying it out thanks to this info. Big Grin
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@0kamii Okay, I know you wrote this 3793 years ago, and this thread is rather old, but I had a question...

How exactly would you get 36 EVs from a single Pokémon? Your explanation confused me a little. Would you have the 1st Pokemon call for help, then knock the 1st Pokemon out for 36 EVs? And then would all the Pokémon after it be worth 36 EVs? I'm just really confused over here.

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Hey, Retro.

So to get 36 EVs from a single pokémon takes the combined effects of multiple things. All pokémon naturally yield EVs anyway, so in the case with Pikipek, they give 1 Atk EV. All allied pokémon yield double the amount of the original caller. So the Pikipek summoned by the original caller will yield 2 Atk EVs, instead of 1.

Hope that made sense.

Knowing that all allied EVs yields are doubled, you can tack on the next two parts. One being the power items, in this case the Power Bracer. The items add +8 EVs to the yield upon knockout. This is irrelevant of who's knocked out, the original caller or the ally. And then there's Pokérus, which doubles the EV yield yet again. In turn, 1 EV goes up to 9 (Power Item), which is doubled by Pok
érus to 18, which is then doubled again by KOing the ally mon to 36. So basically to get 36 EVs from one pokémon you:

1) Infect the pokémon in training with Pokérus
2) Give it the necessary Power Item (Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, or Anklet)
3) Start wild encounter, make sure Exp. Share is on if they're not the one battling
4) False Swipe/Hold Back the pokémon until it summons an ally
5) KO the ally, not the caller
6) Continue to knock out allies, not the caller, until EVs are maxed

This in turn should yield a total of 36 EVs, which means you only have to knock out 7 allies total to max the EVs in a stat → 36 • 7 = 252.

Does that make more sense?

- 0kamii
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That makes A LOT more sense, @0kamii . Thank you more taking the time to write me up such a detailed explanation. Now I can ev train more easily!
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