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[GUIDE] Alola Dex Completion
Ever since the 2nd generation, alternate colorations of pokemon were added, known as "Shiny Pokemon". As mentioned before, Shiny Pokemon are rare alternate colors of a pokemon, however they serve no purpose other then to look different. In the 4th Generation, Methods were added to increase the chance of a shiny pokemon appearing. 5th Generation comes along and we get can item called the Shiny Charm, an item that triples the odds of finding a shiny, making it effectively 1 in 2730 compared to 1/8192. However the 6th gen rolls around and this doubles the odds of finding a shiny to 1/4096 1/1365 or so. How do I get the Shiny Charm? The catch is, you must complete the Pokedex before you can get the Charm.

Thankfully, Alola makes it easier by having only 300 Pokemon to capture, and I will try my best to explain how to do it. For starters, this is going to take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on how far you already are and how much you really want it.
Some tricks listed below are-
• You will want to skip all happiness evolution, Legendaries and trade evolution, they are the most tedious to do.
Use the GTS whenever you can, it is a lot faster and if you are lazy like me it helps a lot
• You will notice some pokemon are in different island pokedexs. Look at Pikipek, he is in every island pokedex I think, this goes for a lot of others, cutting it down by a lot
• This is so boring, you may want to put on some music or watch a video in the backround
• It helps psychologically to go line by line

What you will need-
• Kartana or Decidueye with False swipe
These are the most avalible and reliable pokemon to choose
• 20 Luxury balls
Friendship evolutions will take a while, trust me with this
• 100 Nest balls
Akala and Melemele will allow you to get in the high range
• 100 ultra balls
They are cheap and they are good on higher level pokemon
• Spare Pikachu
this is the only way I think you can get Castform
• Lots of hyper potions and full heals
Dont use full restores, they are expensive

Okay, starting off we have Melemele Island. Getting the starters is very easy, if you want to keep your starter breed a clone of it
As mentioned before, most pokemon are also in another pokedex, Pikipek is a great example.
many pokemons evolutions can be found via SOS, this is mostly Stone evolutions and Happiness. If you want to pick them up, go ahead.

Here is a reference picture for Melemele
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Keep in mind to use the kings rock on Slowking and not Politoed, we can catch him later

Now on to Akala Island, right? Wrong, we go to Poni Island, this is the smallest island and has a lot of reocurring pokemon there, like Golisopod.
Catch the Wimpod over on Akala island off Route 8, if not use the GTS. Do not capture a Jangmo-o, infact use the GTS for every psuedo legendary, the exp boost helps. Again, about 30% of the pokemon on Poni Island appear in both Ula Ula and Akala, so it is easy to multi task

[Image: UTbLlnU.jpg]

I couldn't line them up, the pictures are not mine

Now on to the Akala Pokedex, which is Harder, but we are here for only a couple pokemon. Who are those, Beldum? No, Eevee, and you may be thinking "Why Eevee, he only has 20 egg cycles". Wrong, It has 35 egg cycles and a low encounter rate. This means you must breed all those Eevees, with Espeon and Umbreon to finish this. A minimum total of 157.5 Egg cycles, with Flame Body! The best bet is to go for the stone eevees, get 1 sinnoh eevee, trade the corresponding and the johto eevees.

Now, Ula Ula, which contains the most stone and trade evolutions, but I said earlier to skip the trade evolutions if you can. This will take a while and I have no tips. If you read all the way, I told you to save your Kings Rock. There is a reason for that. AJP Sums it up a lot better then I could, I take no credit for the video.

Okay, if you should be about 75% done with the whole Pokedex by now, or around that number. Completeing the Akala Pokedex will be easier now that 12% of it is out of the way by now. All that is left is to scan every other pokemon left. If you can't find it, one of the users on the site should have it.

The only real trouble you will have is any pokemon with Flucuating as the EXP Group, and the other legendaries.

Well I hope you all complete the pokedex, I have not but doing this made it a lot easier!
How has nobody done this yet? Nice guid Reis
B a d C o p
(Aug 13, 2017, 09:46 AM)Anabel Wrote: How has nobody done this yet? Nice guid Reis

I looked, and I didn't see any
Thx this guide is really useful and easy to understand i plan on starting my living dex when i get the shiny charm only problem is i have moon and i'm having trouble getting the sun variants Sad
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