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Gen IV ROM Research
My friend began a project he calls NDSCracker, and our goal is simple: to finish documenting gen IV ROMs (namely Platinum) once and for all. After all this time, it needs to be done. We also plan to build new tools to phase out the old - SDSME is known to save scripts incorrectly, PPRE is too old, and all the decent tools are unintuitive to the nth degree.

We need people to dig through the Platinum ROM and its NARC files, testing and researching various bytes, to completely document the innards of this game. NDS ROM hacking has no other way to advance to the extent that gen III has until this project is completed. Only problem? We don't have enough people. If you'd like to contribute to the project and help see along the future of gen IV ROM hacking, or just enjoy the trashy remarks the devs have to make, please join us on Discord.
You can find me on YouTube, Steam, and Twitter if you need to

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