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[IMPORTANT] The April Meet & Greet - A Spring In Your Feet!
1) With Pokemon just officially announcing the Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora, what's your favourite Mythical Pokemon?

Victini! Because its typing is unique, only Delphox has it.
It has interesting moves too! Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Glaciate, these are event moves though~

2) It's Spring, cooler and moderate temperatures means it's a great season to get some exercise, so what, if any, kind of sports do you play?

I live in Tropical Country, summer the whole year. I used to play basketball.

3) If you've been around the Forums for a while, or only recently, I'd love to know, how did you find PokemonForever?

Forums other than giveaway forums are too quiet. People should hang out in other forums more often. Smile
Such as Everything Else, Anime, etc.

4) Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot both have remasters for their original games, that said, what classic game do you want to see Remastered?

Not sure what those are.

Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question using @. Like this,

Let's bring in 20 people as usual! Smile
@CJ pokemon fan
@Cara Rahl
@Rincell a soret e stammappost.

3 questions for 20 of you guys! Smile
1) What is your favourite Pokemon Region?
Mine is either Sinnoh or Unova. Both regions has all types of terrains, desert, volcano, marsh, forest, etc.

2) Do you shitpost in the #meme-spam in the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel?
I regularly posted a bunch of memes I find in Google Image, such as Bernie Sanders memes.

3) What is your favorite breakfast?
I love to eat cereal with milk for my breakfast. I live to eat cold food Smile

I may look inactive in the forums, but I still help out with game mechanics advices or genning in the Discord Channel. If anyone needs anything urgently, just call me in the Discord Channel~
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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