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[IMPORTANT] The Official PokémonForever SW/SH Dex Completion Mega Thread!
[Image: We016E3.png]

Legends in making! I am 0kamii, and welcome to PokémonForever's Official SW/SH Galar Dex completion thread!

With the official release of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield this month, the entire community is abuzz. We've now obtained a whole new generation worth of pokémon to use, love, and discuss. This new lineup consists of 81 different mons, and, per Nintendo's old format, there are a handful of new and old mons locked to either Sword or Shield. So, we here at PokémonForever wanted to set up an official place for users to trade mons with each other and complete their Dexes. Whether it be for Shiny hunting or just for the sake of completionism, this will be your go-to hub to post what pokémon you have yet to obtain out of the 401 pokémon available in the Galar Dex.

Naturally, an event as fragile as a online trade requires some rules. So let's get those out of the way now:

1) First and foremost, no one is obligated to trade with you if they don't want to. No matter the reason. We do not want to see begging or any kind of harassment in this thread. If another user consistently pesters you to trade after already telling them no once, let myself or another mod know ASAP.

2) This thread will maintain absolute integrity among users. We are all here for the same purpose, and trading with friends should be an enjoyable experience. If you say you will trade another user a mon, common or legendary, follow through. IMPORTANT: As a rule, if the person requests a tradeback, oblige them. If anyone lies to a fellow user, or steals a pokémon, notify myself or another mod immediately. This behavior is intolerable and will have repercussions.

3) Organize your required mons in a way that makes it easy for other users to identify mons they have that they can trade you should they desire. An acceptable format would be as followed:

Dex: 301/401 (100 remaining)
Pokémon Required:
- etc.

Keep it neat and concise. It does not have to be in Dex order, just as long as it's easily skimmable. Please denote all version exclusives that you need with a V, and all trade evolutions with a T. I approximate that at least 20% of the Galar Dex consists of verison exclusives and trades, and will likely be what brings most people here. IMPORTANT: If a trade evolution requires an item, it is your responsibility to provide that item for the trade.

All live trades should be conducted through PMs or in real-time on our Discord server under "Battles, Trades, Giveaways." Link to our site Discord is in a thaterly direction... →.

[Image: O7VN3vH.jpg]
That should serve to get things started. Rules will updated as needed, and if anyone gets reported to us for fraudulent trade, we will include a DO NOT TRADE list (assuming the person isn't just banned). Let's all work to make sure it doesn't come to that, and be respectful to your fellow trainers. Be sure to let each other know what you need to finish your Dex in the thread below, and let the trading begin! Any further questions or comments, feel free to PM myself or another mod.
Thank you all so much for reading. Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Hey, everyone! I thought I'd fancy use of this thread myself. My Dex is currently sitting at 328 pokémon, so I'm coming up on the full Dex very soon. Most of what I need are version exclusives and trades, but I'll list the others here for the time being. I'm still hunting them in-game, so I'll remove them if I find them in-game first.

I have a copy of both Sword and Shield, but I've only beaten Sword so far, so all my version exclusives are currently from Pokémon Sword.

Dex: 401/401 (0 remaining)
Pokémon Required:

Remember, I only have Pokémon Sword completed right now, so even if you can't help me with my Dex, if you need help completing yours and I have Sword exclusives you need, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help. All trade evolutions and legendaries will be traded back. I'm a mod, after all. I made those rules. I doubt you'll find a more trustworthy trade partner.  Tongue Joking aside, let's see if ol' 0kamii can make any use of this thread.

Happy trading. Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii

UPDATE (12/2/19): Thanks to @Vyaelra, my PokéDex is officially completed and I have the Shiny Charm. However, I'm still happy to help others complete their Dex. I still Pokémon Sword completed, and I'm happy to provide Sword version exclusives and help with trade evolutions if you require them. Just @ me here and we'll set up a trade time.

Happy hunting, everyone!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
I was super lazy and decided to just copy/paste the original text from my old thread :P Since this mega-thread is here now, would an admin be able to delete the thread I posted?
Quote:Hey all!

So I'm nearly done with the dex, and there's a handful of pokemon that have proven to be a pain to get. I'm not interested in keeping any of them, but if someone out there wouldn't mind doing tradebacks to get the dex entry unlocked, I'd be super grateful! Smile

If there's any shield exclusives you need I can help with those, just lmk in advance in case it's the only one I have.

Currently these are all that I'm missing for the dex:


-Flapple V
-Swirlix V
-Slurpuff T
-Rhyperior T
-Shelmet T
-Escavalier V 
-Accelgor T
-Passimian V
-Solrock V
-Stonjourner V
-Jangmo-o V
-Hakamo-o V
-Kommo-o V
-Zacian V-TB

Unrelated to the dex, but I'm also in the market for a 5iv non-english ditto. I have a 5iv english one to trade.

I'll be on for a few hours tonight but I'll be back on tomorrow as well. I'd appreciate the help!
Hey, @Vyaelra.

Your original post has been removed, and I'll be online for a few hours myself. Perhaps we can help each other out? I have most of the mons you need. Maybe you have a few I need? Mostly the trades and version exclusives, if you can?

DM me on the Discord server so we can communicate IRT if you're available.


- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Hello!! I have a whole LIST of mons that I would need before my dex even looks somewhat decent! I have 216 and I have seen 297 out of the 401. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and I only like doing trade-backs. I have pokemon Shield!!!


Version exclusives (Sword)
I am including the evolutions in this list!!!
Deino (Zweilous, Hydregion)
Gothita (Gothorita, Gothitelle)
Rufflet (Braviary)
Swirlix (Slurpuff)
Darumaka (Darmanitan)

I would appreciate the help, annd I'll try to help any way I can!!
Quote:DM me on the Discord server so we can communicate IRT if you're available.

Sorry @0kamii , I ended up crashing around the time you got on by the looks of it! Where can I get the info for the Discord server? It's been a while since I've been on the forums so I had no idea we had one :P

If it's easier, my discord tag is Vyaelra#5724
Hey, @Vyaelra.

I'm heading to work now, but the link to the Discord server is on this side of the browser → .

Look for it directly below the "Recent Threads" tab. You'll find it.

Also, hi @Newdll! Good to see you. Big Grin

We can organize a trade later once I get home. Later, y'all!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
(Dec 1, 2019, 01:31 PM)0kamii Wrote: I'm heading to work now, but the link to the Discord server is on this side of the browser → .

Look for it directly below the "Recent Threads" tab. You'll find it.

Sounds like a plan, see ya later! And thanks for the help Smile
@0kamii nice to ssee you again too, dear! Sleepy You should pm me here sometime! it has been forever annd I hope to hear any swsh theories you mmay have! Smile
@Newdll, give me a chance to breed some of the Sword exclusives that you need, and we can set up a trade time later. I'd be more than happy to help you complete your Dex.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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