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Ideas for New Pokemon Forms
I might have missed the boat for this but I had some ideas and I thought I might as well post it here
I might add more to this thread later

The Volcanic Puffs ( Jigglypuff Line )

Lore-Due to Competition in their Normal Habitat These Pokemon were forced to move to a more volcanic climate causing them to change due to constant exposure to the gases becoming even lighter now floating above their volcanic home and using the gases they store in their bodies to create fireballs they use to hunt their prey

Design- The pokemon would lose their limbs and their ears would be smaller almost becoming perfect spheres the skin color would change to a grey almost white color to hide against the volcanic smoke and the eyes would be slightly larger and almost seem to glow

Stats- I wanted to focus on making them more balloon like so less Hp and Defenses but a big Boost to Speed
The Red Numbers are the pokemon's original stats
Typing- Fire/Poison type with Levitate as their default Ability due to them being gas balloons

Igglybuff Base Stat Total 210
Hp 40/90
Atk 50/30
Def 10/15
Sp.Atk 60/40
Sp.Def 15/20
Speed 40/15

Jigglypuff Base Stat Total 270
Hp 45/115
Atk 55/45
Def 15/20
Sp.Atk 65/45
Sp.Def 20/25
Speed 70/20

Wigglytuff Base Stat Total 435
Hp 60/140
Atk 85/70
Def 20/45
Sp.Atk 100/85
Sp.Def 30/50
Speed 140/45

Prey No Longer( Durant )

Lore- Having moved out of the caves they normally lived in to the forests and losing it’s natural predator Heatmor Durant’s lost their heavy armor and became a predator to Grass and other Bug Types

Design- They would lose their iron shells for something more ferocious looking larger mandibles stingers and lastly wings

Stats- I took 74 points out of it’s Defense and split it between Attack and Speed
The Red Numbers are the pokemon's original stats
Typing- Bug/Flying to better prey on the Grass and Bug Types for Abilities Strong Jaw to make use of its larger mandibles ( And maybe making Bug Bite effected by Strong Jaw ) and maybe Sap Sipper

Durant Base Stat Total 484
Hp 58/58
Atk 150/109
Def 48/112
Sp.Atk 48/48
Sp.Def 48/48
Speed 132/109

Burrowing Monkey ( Aipom Line )

Lore- Due to deforestation and competition from Passimian this pokemon has been forced out of the trees and into the ground the Aipom line would now live in burrows becoming bulker to better dig and defend themselves

Design- A Lot of this design is based on the Bili Ape a larger version of Chimps that live on the ground
Aipom would lose its purple and tan color scheme for a black and brown one it’s feet would be larger and have toes it would have larger hands that are mitten like on longer arms with hair tufts on its shoulders and it’s tail would be thicker with the hand on the end having longer fingers
Ambipom also would have the black and brown color scheme it’s feet being almost hand like the mitten like hands from Aipom now would be three fingered hands with a thumb the body would be bulker almost gorilla like and it would a shaggy look to it the tails would be more arm like with the hands on the end looking like chimp’s hands with the four long fingers and thumb

Stats- I made them much slower due to no longer being the agile little monkeys who swung in trees but big ground dwelling apes
The Red Numbers are the pokemon's original stats
Typing- Pure Ground or maybe the unique typing of Ground/Fighting

Aipom Base Stat Total 360
Hp 80/55
Atk 85/70
Def 60/55
Sp.Atk 40/40
Sp.Def 60/55
Speed 35/85

Ambipom Base Stat Total 482
Hp 100/75
Atk 115/100
Def 95/66
Sp.Atk 60/60
Sp.Def 80/66
Speed 32/115

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