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LEGITIMATE Shiny Pokemon Giveaway [Complete]
I am a hardcore Shiny Hunter. I love Shiny Pokemon almost as much as I do Kris. In the past year, I caught almost 140 legitimate Shiny Pokemon. And now. It's time to give back to you, Pokemon Forever. I am going to be giving away 120 of my legitimate Shiny Pokemon over the course of FOUR SEPARATE GIVEAWAYS, so 30 each giveaway, there are no clones, they are all unique.


Kris' Egg Swap
@"Anabel" Holy...this is awesome!
Btw I request clawitzer and flygon
@mado I'm available if you want to deposit

Kris' Egg Swap
I deposited the first one for flygon (lvl 43 male)
@mado Sent Enjoy Smile

Kris' Egg Swap
The second one for clawitzer (lvl 43 female)
@mado Sent

Kris' Egg Swap
Can i deposit rn for the Murkrow and the girafarig?
Hi. @"Anabel" . I deposited T-BikeShorts lv3 female for Camerupt . Thanks.
@theoapo13 Yes

@movedota sent

Kris' Egg Swap

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