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LEGITIMATE Shiny Pokemon Giveaway [Complete]
I am a hardcore Shiny Hunter. I love Shiny Pokemon almost as much as I do Kris. In the past year, I caught almost 140 legitimate Shiny Pokemon. And now. It's time to give back to you, Pokemon Forever. I am going to be giving away 120 of my legitimate Shiny Pokemon over the course of FOUR SEPARATE GIVEAWAYS, so 30 each giveaway, there are no clones, they are all unique.

B a d C o p
@"Anabel" Holy...this is awesome!
Btw I request clawitzer and flygon
@mado I'm available if you want to deposit
B a d C o p
I deposited the first one for flygon (lvl 43 male)
@mado Sent Enjoy Smile
B a d C o p
The second one for clawitzer (lvl 43 female)
@mado Sent
B a d C o p
Can i deposit rn for the Murkrow and the girafarig?
Hi. @"Anabel" . I deposited T-BikeShorts lv3 female for Camerupt . Thanks.
@theoapo13 Yes

@movedota sent
B a d C o p

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